ANNOUNCEMENT June 21, 1999

Following are the announcements posted to the DeLorean Mailing list on June 21, 1999, detailing the change in management of the list. 

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From: STEPHEN WYNNE <stephen(AT)>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 18:43:09 -0500
Subject: [DML] DeLorean Motor Company Adds New Tem Member
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DeLorean Motor Company of Houston, Texas announced today the addition of James Espey as Marketing Director. James has been a driving force behind the growth of the DeLorean marque on the Internet, having created and  moderated the DeLorean Mailing List since 1995. Previously, James was the  first Internet Director for the DeLorean Owners Association.

"Any DeLorean owner will tell you that the public still has many  misconceptions regarding the DeLorean Sports Car. Our goal at DMC is to change that by providing the highest quality repairs and restorations while  insuring the future availability of parts," said James.

Stephen Wynne, owner of DeLorean Motor Company (Houston), has been  servicing, restoring and selling DeLorean automobiles and parts since 1981.  Originally based in Los Angeles, the company has been based in Houston since 1988.

For more information about the largest DeLorean-only parts, service and restoration facility in the world, point your web browser to


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Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 05:56:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: James Espey <jv_espey(AT)>
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Subject: [DML] ADMIN: DML changes hands
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As you may have read or heard, I have taken a permanent position with DeLorean Motor Company in Houston, Texas. In order to preserve the independence of the DML, and preclude any appearance of a conflict of  interest, I have removed myself from the operations of the DML and  DMC-News.

DeLorean owner and longtime DML'er Dave Swingle of Illinois has graciously taken on the responsibility of Managing Moderator, essentially taking on the same tasks that used to be mine. Several other DML'ers have agreed to assist Dave in the moderation duties and DML/DMC-News related responsibilities. They are:

Bruce Benson
Knut Grimsrud
Marty Maier
Dick Ryan
Mike Substelny

All of them are longtime DML'ers and DeLorean owners with a strong background with the DeLorean automobile. I'd like to thank them for stepping up when asked and insuring the continued operation of the DeLorean Mailing List.

In the nearly four years since the beginning of the DML, countless individuals have contributed to the success of the list, and I would be sure to leave some out if I tried to name them all. I must, however, thank Knut Grimsrud for all his help as "guest moderator" when I needed a break. Thanks also to Mike and Patti Substelny for their careful guardianship of the DeLorean Owners Directory (which incidentally, is now under the watch of Scott Mueller). To Greg Guillot and Dave Price, who maintain the Back Issues and Classifieds respectively, I owe a great debt of thanks - you've both made the web page a more valuable resource through your efforts.

To the many folks who have stood by the DML through the occasionally turbulent times, posters and lurkers alike, I thank you all for your support and kind words over the years. I have the utmost faith and
confidence in Dave Swingle and the rest of the members of the moderation  panel. Under their stewardship, I am sure that the DML and the DMC-News website will be a powerful entity that will exist to serve the interests of all DeLorean owners and enthusiasts.

Within the next week or so, my "(AT)" email address will be deleted, please note my new email address is "jv_espey(AT)". Thank you!

James Espey
Founder and Moderator Emeritus
DeLorean Mailing List

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Subject: [DML] ADMIN NOTE - or - What's going on with this list, anyway??
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NOTE LONG POSTING – Please read it through! - -

Now that James Espey has explained what is going on with the list and his personal job, it’s time to introduce the new moderating panel and explain what we’re doing going forward. The moderating panel is made up of six
long-time DML members – Mike Substelny, Bruce Benson, Marty Maier, Dick “raddad” Ryan, Knut Grimsrud, and me, Dave Swingle. I will be acting as the “Moderator of Moderators”, aka MOM. This is a required administrative function because eGroups requires the list to have a single “owner” who gets the complaint mail and pays the bill to turn off the advertising. The group will attempt to behave as a unified panel, and not one “manager”.
Consistency will be the hard part.

For the past 6 weeks or so, we have been undergoing “moderation training” by taking turns and asking James and each other for advice. If the list has seemed a little inconsistent in the recent past this may be why. Believe me, it’s not as easy as it looks, and it’s more amazing to me each day to realize that James has been doing this essentially nonstop for 4 years. We all owe James a huge debt of gratitude for his efforts through some trying times.

Our intent and philosophies:
----The list will remain free of charge. It will be supported by continued sales of DMC paraphernalia as James has been doing. Depending on how well that does, it may also be supported by me. It will not be supported by or tied to any particular Delorean parts or other vendor. The new mailing address for ordering material will be posted to the website as soon as I figure out how (see below).
----The mission will stay the same, a MODERATED discussion of Delorean – the man and the machine. No politics, weather, get-rich-quick schemes, Trans-Ams, or virus warnings!
----We are still feeling out the moderation style. We’ve been experimenting with adjusting the behavior of the list by encouraging posters to reply privately where appropriate, clip out long quotes, and by discouraging low-content posting. Please don’t take these rejections as a personal affront. It is in the interest of keeping the list interesting to more people, without clutter, and creating a valuable archive of information that doesn’t read like a chat room.
----We will be moderating on a rotating cycle, changing moderators generally once a week. This means that each of us only has to moderate for a week at a time every six weeks.
----We are experimenting with different moderation timetables, balancing the desire for real-time posting with the chat-room effect and the impact on our personal time and our real jobs.

The DMCNEWS website will continue to be maintained by several list members. I will, after some further education, begin updating the main pages. Knut Grimsrud will continue to maintain the FAQ section, Scott Mueller will be
maintaining the owners directory, and Dave Price will continue to maintain the classified ads. We’re not sure what to do with the archives. Issues #1-500 will continue to be held on the main DMCNEWS web site indefinitely. More recent postings are on the eGroups site. I think it would be desirable to continue to archive on the DMCNEWS page as well, we’re looking into that with the assistance of Greg Guilliot.

No huge changes to the web page are planned for a while, since none of us (except maybe Knut) is an expert webpage designer and have to rely on the graces of others for assistance. Keep an eye on this – it may take a short
while to get it updated. I’ll post a notice here to the DML when something changes. The site is more of a billboard for the list than a dynamic ever-changing page, we’ll probably keep it that way.

Comments are welcome. For now the best thing would be to send them to me directly and I’ll forward to the Moderation Panel.

Looking forward to this adventure;
Dave Swingle (dswingle(AT) for
Knut, Mike, Bruce, Dick, and Marty

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