How Much Horsepower does my DeLorean Really Have?

In summer and fall of 1999, Bob Brandys of the Chicago Area tested several DeLoreans on a Chassis Dynomometer (i.e. Dyno) to really see what happens when you start modifying DeLoreans in comparison to stock ones. Here are the results. More testing is planned including a twin-turbo car and an improved ignition system. 

This is a measurment AT THE REAR WHEELS, not the flywheel as commonly quoted by manufacturers. Therefore the loss of energy through the transmission is reflected in these measurements. 

The cars tested were:

Stock Manual Transmission

Stock Automatic Transmission

Single BAE Turbocharger Manual Transmission

Single Vortech Supercharger Manual Transmission

Engine conversion to Rover (Buick) V-8 with Automatic

Click on the thumbnail below to see the real thing. 

dmchpcurve.gif (11544 bytes)


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