Modification to Air Conditioner Control Panel Lighting

Created:  11/13/95

Last updated: 11/13/95

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Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 12:28:31 -0500

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Subject: A/C Panel Illumination


Maybe it's time to run this tip again since there are many new subscribers.

If you are tired of your A/C lights being on all the time and the heat

damage this can do to your radio, here's a simple fix. Remove the access panel

behind the passenger seat exposing the relays. Facing the rear you have a

bottom row and a top row. Count three from the left on the top row and

remove it. Save it ( it's the same as some of the others and can be used as a spare).


Get two 1/4" spade connectors and a 2 1/2" piece of good wire. Put a spade

connector on each end of the wire. One end goes in the bottom slot ( closest

to you ) and the other goes in the slot to the right. Before you put it all

back together start the car ( no illumination ) and then turn on your lights

( illumination ). When you have assured yourself that everything works,

button it back up. There is a whole electrical diagram that will tell you

why this works, but it doesn't really matter. The usual disclaimer applies.



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