Aligning Door Striker Pins

Created: February 12, 2007

Last updated: Original

Author/source: David Teitelbaum/DML

The torsion bar should have been adjusted and a good strut installed.

First make sure the door itself is properly installed, i.e. the gaps are roughly equal all around. You should also have good inner and outer seals installed. Missing, torn, or "dead" door seals affects this a LOT.

Now check that the door and the guides do NOT touch the top of the head of the latch pin. That has the effect of moving the door forward or back depending on which pin is hitting.  You have to add or remove washers to get the height right. Sometimes grinding is necessary.

Check that the latch locks in the doors are tight and all of the screws holding them in are there. You may have to remove them to clean and lubricate them to get them to work properly and in synchrony (I think that's a word?)

NOW you can start to adjust the positions of the pins. Be aware that the door moves in an arc so you have to figure for that motion. The pin should glide right in through the center of the guides and into the latch without hitting the side of the head of the pin. This adjustment should be done on a hard level floor so the car is not tweaked.

Move the pin in small increments till you get BOTH pins to click into the 1st locking position at as nearly the same time as you can. It may be easier to remove one pin and do the other first and then reinstall the other pin and adjust. Close the door by pushing on the rub strip in the middle of the door slowly while listening for the clicks. You should not have to slam the door to get it closed and nothing should rub.

If the door seals squeak lubricate with some silicone spray on a rag. It also can't hurt to squirt some oil on the ends of the struts and the hinges. You may find you will have to go over the whole internal door adjustment procedure to get it right. It can take a lot of time to get the doors to work right, especially if someone who didn't know what they were doing mucked them up or they were forced (slammed) closed.

Out-of-adjustment latch pins are sometimes just a symptom of deeper problems with the doors. By the time you are done you too will be an "expert". The "secret" is to take your time, work slow, use your ears and sense of touch. Going over the adjustments many times will get it better and better and you will get better and faster at it.

-David Teitlebaum


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