Instrument Panel Binnacle Removal

Created: 6/3/98

Last updated: 8/29/99

Author/source: Dave Swingle

Sent: 6/3/1998 8:16 PM

Last Modified: 8/29/99

The binnacle is held in place with 6 nyloc nuts. These will require a 7mm swivel socket wrench to remove. These are accessed in the usual way, i.e. lay down on your back with your head under the dashboard and look straight up. Taking the seat out may give you a little more room but not really neccessary - depend on how YOU are built. Another hint - removing the knee bolsters on either side of the steering column makes for much easier access. Once the nuts are removed, the binnacle can be lifted up and tilted toward the steering wheel. At that time, look through the windshield and identify the upper speedo cable and release it by pressing the catch ring toard the cluster. Then identify the two wiring connectors and remove them. It is now possible to lift the whole assembly from the dash.

With the binnacle removed, the instrument cluster is separated from the binnacle by removing 8 phillips screws - two per side and four across the bottom.

With the cluster removed from the binnacle, remove the screw that holds the trip-odometer reset. Remove 6 phillips screws holding the cluster lens in place. The tach must be removed before the speedo. Remove the tach by removing the locating nuts on the rear of the instrument. The speedo and the rest of the instruments can be removed in the same manner.

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