Cooling Fan Modification


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Author/source: Darryl Tinnerstedt/McElraft

To prevent the cooling fans from cycling with the A/C compressor (i.e. they are on any time the A/C is on, regardless of the compressor cycle) do the following modification.

Locate the tubular diodes in the large wiring loom just inboard of the fuse box. Locate the pink wire and disconnect it from the diode. On a length of 16 gauge wire install an appropriate blade connector and plug it into the diode where the pink wire was. Route this wire under the console by tucking it under the console and pulling up on both ends. The other end of the wire should be up on the floor hump under the dashboard on the passenger side near where the wires from the A/C mode switch go to the pressure switch on the A/C accumulator behind the right front tire. Disconnect the pressure switch plug, and with the ignition switch ON and the mode switch in A/C use a test light to find the pink/orange wire leading to the pressure switch that is "Hot". Turn off the ignition and using a parallel wire splice (3M Scotchlok) connect the new wire to this hot lead. Reconnect the pressure switch and test the system.

The cooling fans should now run any time the mode switch is in A/C, regardless of whether the compressor is cycling on and off or not.

Original by Darryl Tinnerstedt/McElraft


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