CV Joint Service

Created: 3/01/99

Last updated: 8/29/99

Author/source: Swingle

As part of my transmission job, I decided to repack the CV joints since the axles are out of the car anyway. The DMC manuals would have you believe that the axles are non-serviceable, this is not exactly the case. The CV Boots are available (usual suppliers)  to replace torn ones. Based on the age of these cars, it would probably be a good idea to check and do this - remember the grease is approaching 18 years old! And the CV joints themselves are expensive, and they usually fail due to dirt. Uninterrupted, this is probably an all-day project.

Rather than go into details here, there are a couple of great sources for illustrated instructions on this procedure. The Haynes manual on the 1981 5-series BMW has exactly the right photos (you'd swear they were working on a DMC). I also found a excellent non-commercial website where someone has posted a detailed, photos and all, procedure on repacking Volkswagen Microbus CV joints. Again, you'd think that they were working on the Delorean. The only difference on these instructions was the fact that DMC uses hex screws to secure the axles in the car, whereas the BMW and VW used Allen screws.

The website is "Tom's VW Page" , the CV joint part is here.

Also - Hylomar is needed seal the caps on the CV joints - the manuals donít mention this.

Dave 3/99

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