Straightening and Refinishing Bent Facia

Created: 11/26/1998 10:14 AM

Last updated: 8/29/99

Author/source: DML/Sontos/Swingle

Subject: Bent Fascia

Subject2: Repainting Fascia

NOTE this is a combination of several DML postings, edited.

I saw your posting on the DML about the warping fascia - mine had that problem but more (torn). I just replaced it - $600 brand new from DMC Houston, and it comes already painted. Replacing it is at least an all-day job, more if you start breaking studs off the grille or lower spoiler.

I did add reinforcement to the new one to prevent future warping. Per Rob Grady's advice, I got some 3/4" x 1/8" X about 18" aluminum strips, formed them slightly to fit just above the headlights, and glued them in place with 3M Windshield (i.e. glass) adhesive. This is the ONLY adhesive that will work - its a similar formula to Krazy Glue but black and thicker like silicone caulking. Anything else will eventually let go.

If your fascia is already warped (duh) you have to unwarp it before you put the reinforcements in. I've been told to use a heat gun and just form it back to the way it belongs - with the headlights OUT.

Do not be tempted to use larger (deeper) metal reinforcement - the headlights won't fit back in. The headlight brackets actually fit into recesses formed into the fascia, so there is absolutely NO room for added material thickness except in the very front of the fascia. I have photos that I took of this. If you happened to see the article Bob Brandys wrote on this you will notice that he used much larger reinforcements that went several inches back toward the car body, keep in mind that he also replaced the headlights with smaller ones that did not have the interference problem.

I also added a piece of 1/8" x 2" alumninum across the top of the bumper reinforcement to counteract the tendency of the whole fascia to sag. There is nothing reinforcing it other than the attachment points at the rear of the fascia.

I did all this with the fascia off the car, but I suppose you could do it by just removing the headlights and upper grille. Removing the front fascia from the car is a more involved process - I posted it on the DML a few weeks ago. You WILL break off mounting studs, so be prepared to replace them, and you may require the services of a welder if you break studs off the lower grille.


Subject: fascia straightening

Sent: 12/12/1998 11:23 AM

To: Aaron Mills, AARON1(AT)


>Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 18:03:00 -0500 (EST)


>Subject: DML: front fascia repair


>Does anyone know the owner of the back to future D/1998 D? Is he on the

>DML? He found a way to repair the "eyebrows" on the front fascia. I

>remimber how he did it, but don't remimber the type/dementions of steel

>nor the type of epoxy/glue used. Any help would be greatly appreciated

>(this is my big winter project).  





From: David Sontos <dsontos(AT)>

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Subject: [DML] Re: Fascia paint

Everything you ever wanted to know about painting DeLorean fascias is at

Have fun,

Dave Sontos

VIN 02573


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