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Created: 11/14/1998 11:46 PM

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James "crash" Espey asked (looking like he's decided to do his own fender replacement, AND about to find out why it costs so much in labor):

>From: James Espey

>Subject: DML: Fender removal...


>...... Step 6 says:

>Open the hood and loosen the Phillips head screws securing adjacent side

>of the front fascia panel support bracket to the body angle bracket.


>Can someone identify these screws for me?


>All I need to do is move the right side of the front fascia forward about

>an inch to gain access to the three screws that attach the front fender

>to the body mounting bracket - ideas anyone?


I replaced my facia last winter. It's a little more complex than the manual states - my guess is that whoever wrote the manual had not actually done it.

The facia is not all that flexible, in other words to pull it out on the one side you pretty much have to get the whole thing loose. Your best strategy is probably to tilt the whole thing forward rather than trying to pull one side forward. My recollection is that you have to remove all of those phillips screws. First, you really do need to remove the trunk lid (hood??), since the screws are under the leading edge. This is simple, except that to unplug the light fixture wiring you have to remove the upper fake grille. This ie easier if you remove the headlights first, although you may not have to except as noted below.

The phillips screws you mentioned are all across the front of the car, just inside leading edge of the trunk lid. In my case, the phillips screws at either end had been removed and replaced with screws and nuts. This looked like one of the dealer re-fit items, so I have no idea how common this is. To get to the nut, I had to remove each of the outer (low beam) headlights and brackets (yuck). To remove the outer headlight bracket, I had to remove the inner one first (more yuck). The nice part is that by removing the headlights first it was easier to remove the grille.

Then there is a stud from the facia that goes thru the fender about the centerline of the black (bumper) portion just forward of the edge of the facia. THe manual NEVER mentions this one, but it does appear in the parts manual on page 8/5/0. After you get the nut off of that (if there is one - mine did not have it) you have to stretch the facia outward a little to disengage it from the fender. There are 5 screws across top of the lower air intake grille. To remove the facia all the way you have to get under the car and remove a bunch of nuts holding the spoiler on, usually during this process you will break off several of the studs that are moulded into the spoiler. I suspect you won't need to do this to pull the facia forward enough to remove the fender.

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