Changing the DeLorean's Lighting to LEDs

Created: 10/31/2004

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Author/source: Steve S (DML)  protodelorean(AT)

  The source for the component is and I've setup a page that lists out all the components you need for each "kit" along with links to the appropriate page on superbrightleds' site.  The list is located at:

LED Door Light Conversion Kit - $11.94
LED Cluster Kit - $17.76
LED Center Console Kit - $10.43
LED Festoon Bulb (Dome Light) - $4.49
LED Side Marker Kit - $7.56

(Note, these do not include shipping)

Feel free to email me if you have any questions,


VIN 2650 ("Project Delorean")

Delorean LED Conversion

The table below shows the components of each LED "Kit" along with the quantities of each bulb you'll need. 

All are available direct from

FYI, I have absolutely no affiliation with If you purchase every component listed below, your cost would be $52.18.

Kit/Component Price (each) Quantity Total  
"LED Door Light Conversion Kit"  
  Click Here
T13-R6 Red LED bulb
T13-A6 Amber LED bulb
"LED Cluster Kit"
  Click Here
WLED-W White LED bulb
WLED-R Red LED bulb
WLED-G Green LED bulb
WLED-B Blue LED bulb
WLED-A Amber LED bulb
"LED Center Console Kit"  
  Click Here
BA7s LED bulb (White)
"Festoon LED Kit"  
  Click Here
4410 LED Festoon bulb (White)
"Side Marker LED Kit"  
  Click Here
BA9s-W-WV White Wide Angle bulb


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