Locked Out?

Created: 7/18/2005

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Author/source: Mike Clemens / DML

EDITOR NOTE - normally we don't publish ways to break into a DeLorean, but this is complex enough that the casual crook isn't going to be doing this in your driveway.


Okay, This may take a while to read and understand, but enough of you folks asked, so I'll post the opening procedure that worked for me with zero damage to the car.

First, you need to open the engine compartment.  Open up the coat hangar completely and make a small hook in it.  From under the backside, hook the latch to open the engine cover.

Next remove the right angle cover (plastic) that covers the electrics in the front right of the engine compartment.  Locate the automatic transmission plug and tag the "LIGHT GREEN/WHITE" wire for future reference.

Next, carefully disconnect the car battery from the alternator, so there is no power on the car.  Tape the cable so it cannot touch anything.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE OF THE NEXT STEP!!

Next, jack up the car and remove the front left wheel. Then take that same coat hanger and wiggle it aroundthe rubber grommet (hook side first) at the rear of the wheel well.  After you push it in about a foot or so, you will see it emerging in the drivers footwell.  Keep pushing and shaping the wire so it angles over to the drivers side window switch.  This will take numerous tries and much getting up and down because you can't see the wire while you feed it.  Lots of patience is required!!

Once you have got it next to the switch, hook under the backside of it so it will force the top (backside) of the switch up.  This is the same as pushing the window "down" side.  Now you are almost home.

Now, go back to the automatic transmission plug that you thought you'd never use, if you have a manual
trans. Take the small jumper and connect the negative side of the battery to a metal part on the engine.  Connect the second jumper to the positive side of the battery and touch the other end of the lead to the (LIGHT GREEN/WHITE) wire in the plug.  Your toll window will come down and you can open the door using the inside handle.  You should hear the window moving.

For those of you who are wondering----the LIGHT GREEN/WHITE  wire connects to fuse #16, out of there it becomes WHITE/BLUE to a junction, then down to fuse #11, out of there it LIGHT GREEN/WHITE to another junction and then up to the power window switch #77 and into the motor.

This worked very well for me and as I said before, it beats the hell out of breaking a window.  If anyone sees a flaw in this, electrically, let me know since it has been a year since I had to do it.

Mike     Pizza Special

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