Flashing Side Marker Lights

Created: 8/16/03

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Author/source: Martin Gutkowski

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Subject: Re: [DML] Flashing (turn signal) side lights (thought #1)

I'm surprised Jan hasn't come in on this... It's SO easy:

Disconnect the GROUND wire to the front marker light, and connect the
bulb's ground to the switched signal on the adjacent indicator.

That's it!

Quick explanation:

1) When the indicator is off, the +side is grounded. When it's flashing,
this alternates between +12 and ground (obviously)
2) The marker light's +side is grounded when switched off.
3) Because of (2) when the indicator is switched on, you pull the ground
side of the marker to +12v lighting the marker with the indicator
4) When headlights are on, the marker is grounded through the indicator
(1) and lights up as usual. When the indicator flashes ON, the marker
light turns OFF, as both of its connectors are taken to +12v.

A bulb doesn't care which way round the supply is connected. This takes
advantage of that and the fact that the relays/flashers ground their
outputs when off.



UPDATED Content 

When I was webmaster for the DeLorean Owners Club, this was on my tech
page. As I am no longer, here it is for the benefit of DMCnews


How to make the front marker lights double-up as side repeaters (indicators)

[Note: Parking lights are white and are called sidelights in the UK]

The result of this modification provides the following function:

1) With headlights/sidelights OFF, the side markers flash in time with
the indicators

2) With the Headlights/sidelights ON, the marker lights light up as
normal, but when indicating, the marker lights switch OFF in sequence
with the indicators switching ON

THIS IS A VERY EASY MODIFICATION, though the job itself is much simpler
with the front fascia removed, though it can be done where the wiring
for the side markers joins the headlight loom behind the headlights

1:    Take each side in turn. You should not need to remove the marker
light covers. Locate the GROUND (Black) wire to the marker light and
making sure you have a decent length of wire from the marker light, cut
this wire. This removes the ground for the marker light

2:    Of the three wires feeding the indicator bulb, locate the
Green/Red wire.

3:    Splice a wire from this lead and connect it to the ground wire
feeding the side marker.

4:    Repeat for the opposite side and that's it!

WHY IT WORKS (the bit you can ignore if you wish). A bulb is a resistive
device and as such will work plugged in either way around.

1:    When the indicator is OFF, the Positive feed to the indicator bulb
is grounded.

2:    When the side marker light is OFF, the Positive feed to the marker
bulb is grounded.

3:    When the side marker is OFF, and the Indicator is ON, the maker
will light up because its ground wire gets pulled to 12v through the
indicator, and its Positive feed is grounded (see 2)

4:    When the side marker is ON, its ground wire is grounded through
the positive feed to the indicator (see 1).

5:    When the side marker is ON, and the indicator is ON, both the
supply side and the ground side of the marker light's bulb is 12v, so it
turns off.

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