What kind of Oil Filter Should I Use?

Created: 11/19/00

Last updated: 8/29/04

Author/source: Espey via Files and Anonymous subscriber via Files

The discussion on the DML about oil filters caused me to destroy two perfectly good oil filters by cutting them open so everyone could see why the recommended Purflux filter is recommended over the off-brand filter that shows up on so many cross-reference lists on the internet and elsewhere. By looking at the photos, it's immediately obvious why the Purflux works better. The filtering material is folded in a 'herringbone' pattern for more filtering ability. Looking carefully, you can also see that the material completely fills the filter, whereas the filtering material in the other falls far shorter - again this means the Purflux has more filtering ability. The Purflux filter has metal retainers at the top (as seen in photo) and bottom of the filter, and a stiff spring to hold it in place. The other filter uses cardboard retainers at the top and bottom. Though not shown in these photos, the Purflux filter has a much wider rubber gasket on the bottom to ensure a good seal when installed. The other has a narrower gasket. Finally, the Purflux filter is the correct size and fits without any clearance problems - no need to install an elbow fitting to move the oil pressure sender out of the way to make some of the cross-reference fillters fit. Contact me at "james@usadmc.com" with questions and comments.

Another look

 Here's some more information. Posted by a DML member in 2002. Another good reason to avoid off-brand filters. Posted: 6-May-2002 1 - Oil Filter This is the x-over part many people use for their DeLorean. Here you can also see the damage done to the filter during removal. I always lube seals, but it didn't help here. I had to crush the filter with tongs, and use my body weight to remove it! 


2 - Closeup At this point when I had the filter off, I could tell that something was definitely wrong looking inside when I removed the filter


3 - Filter Inside. From this shot, you can tell that the filtration material inside of the filter is completly destroyed. It also appears that the "bypass valve" has also been torn out of place. If you look closely, you can see it sitting to the left of the threads.


4 - Filter Material A bit out of focus, I know. But, here you can see part of the filter material that was inside. Only a gentle tug with a pair of needle nose pliers was nessisary to remove this chunk.  

5 - Rubber Some sort of rubber material that was inside of the filter. It was already cracked when I pulled it out. A little harder to pull out than the filtration material. I don't know what exact purpose it served, but it was next to the valve spring


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