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Created: 8/11/98

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I have seen this problem on several cars, including mine. I've never seen it mentioned on the DML.

There is supposed to be a support bracket, bolted on with the same screws the hold the left front brake caliper to the car. This looks like a bent up heavy wire that holds the speedometer cable in the correct orientation as it leaves the angle drive. If this support is missing there is tremendous strain on the angle drive unit from the speedo cable as the wheels are steered. This support seems to be a common breakage (rusts away) part, and if you didn't know it was supposed to be there you would not know it was gone. Look behind the left front brake caliper, if you see a plate between the two retaining screws with two small bumps on it that's where the wire WAS. When it's there the wire I am describing forms loop about 8 inches long.

The part number is 110528, and it is NOT shown in the factory parts manual. Early version cars used a different design plastic clamp that is in the manual as locator items 15/16/17 on page 5/1/1, this is NOT the right one to use. The 110528 support bracket was about $16 from Grady.

Also - there is an Angle Drive Weatherproofing kit available from DMC Houston that completely covers the angle drive unit with a rubber boot. Strongly recommended if you drive you car in the rain. I don't have one. I think it goes for about $50.

In addition to lubing the lower cable, while you have it disconnected turn the angle drive over, take out the little screw and fill it with 90-weight gear oil. This is at least a once-a-year thing. The factory bulletin called for this service with EVERY oil change, believe it or not. Others are now recommending a thicker lube such as moly lube, or Red Line Assembly Lube.


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