Factory Starter Circuit Upgrade

(Applies to Early Production cars only)

Created: 1/15/00

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Author/source: Ryan Bennett/DML

From: "Ryan Bennett" <rpbennet(AT)ix.netcom.com>
To: <dmcnews(AT)egroups.com>
Subject: Starter solenoid circuit mod
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 17:36:58 -0800

Here is the info on the starter solenoid circuit modification, taken from De Gull Wing magazine V1, #7. I have made this modification to my DeLorean, and it does seem to make for a more positive start (or maybe it's just my imagination).

On early vehicles (prior to VIN 2547), the starter solenoid's operating voltage, in certain conditions, was not high enough to ensure a consistant, reliable operation. This condition was displayed by a voltage drop characteristic in the main wiring harness on vehicles with slightly discharged batteries. To correct this condition a starter circuit modification was introduced into production starting at VIN 2548.

This condition is generally displayed by a clicking noise at the solenoid without any starter cranking. If this symptom is encountered on vehicles prior to 2548 the following modification procedure should be performed.

1. With ignition switch off, remove the relay compartment access panel behind the passenger's seat.

2. Partially remove the relay strip containing the starter relay (it is the  #10 relay, the second from the left along the top relay strip).

3. Disconnect the white/yello pigtail jumber wire from its relay terminal (#86). Cut and move the jumper from its white/red wire connector.

4. Disconnect the white/red wire (which had the pigtail jumper removed in step 3) from terminal #30/51 and connect to terminal #86.

5. Using 14 gauge brown wire, assemble a 12 inch jumper wire with 2 suitable female receptacles. Note: One of the female receptacles must have a locking barb for a positive connection.

6. Connect one end of the brown jumper to terminal #30/51 of the starter relay. Connect the other terminal with the locking barb to the battery side of the 25 AMP speed circuit breaker. Note: This circuit breaker has 3 brown wires wire attached, with an open terminal on it's battery side.

7. Position and secure the relay panel, replace the access cover and charge the battery if necessary.

I have made a simple diagram of the before and after states of the relay, see it below

-Ryan Bennett

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