Steering Wheel Removal

Created: July 18, 2005

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Author/source: Aaron Graham / DML

I just finished removing and replacing my steering wheel, and I'd like
to jot down exactly what I needed and how it went.  I had been putting
it off for awhile because I've read lots of posts explaining how hard
it is to do (though they were not more helpful than that).  Despite my
searches, I couldn't find any more information, like what tools to
use, bolt and socket sizes, etc.  Hopefully this will save someone a
trip to the hardware store.

Here is what I needed to get the job done:
1) 22 mm socket
2) average steering wheel puller set
3) Two 1/4 by 4-inch hex bolts (get washers, too)

The 22 mm socket was used to remove the center nut.  I was able to
remove it myself (without assistance) using a large ratchet.

I needed the two hex bolts because the steering wheel puller came with
several pairs of bolts, all of which were too big to fit in the tiny
holes in the DeLorean's steering wheel.  I used the washers with the
hex bolts so the force would be more evenly distributed around the
little hex heads -- the puller set was designed for 5/16 or larger

It took a little bit of effort, but the steering wheel popped right


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