Long Term Storage

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Author/source: David Teitelbaum

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Here are my recomendations for long term storage (over 1 year)

Remove battery (if you can't charge it regularly or put in another car
it will go bad after a couple of years)

Drain ALL fluids especially the fuel and brake and clutch fluids

Place on jackstands to remove weight from suspension

Leave 10 psi in all 5 tires

Put mothballs under seats

Slobber leather conditioner on seats and steering wheel

Remove everything from car that doesn't belong

Put heavy blankets on car and a tight fitting cover over that and
cardboard over that.

Try to leave in heated garage, or at least one with a floor (a Carcoon
is probably the best).

Make sure the car is closed and no small animals can get into the garage.

Leave the keys and manuals in the car along with any spare parts

Make sure the title is in a SAFE place and you can find it

Don't store anything ON the car and keep heavy objects away from it.

Keep some kind of storage insurance on the car in case of theft, fire,
or damage.

Arrange for someone to check on the car regularly

All too often I have seen cars left in long-term storage completly
unprepared. By time the owners (or the inheritors) decided to do
something with the car it was way too long and unprepared. By doing
all these things you or someone else could take the car out of
long-term storage with a minimum of work and exploring for things long
forgotten. Too many times a car is just to be stored for the winter
and then 10 years later someone is trying to sell the car or just take
it out of storage.

David Teitelbaum
vin 10757

--- In dmcnews@yahoogroups.com, Delorean17@a... wrote:
> Hello List,
>      I plan on moving to Montana when school gets out this spring. 
> Unfortunately I must leave the DeLorean in Michigan at my rents
place.  I
> don't think it can make the commute up to Big Sky during the winter. 
> If my car was to sit for 3-4 years. what should I do?  Will it be
> to completely drain the fuel system? I replaced nearly every
component in the
> fuel system exept the gas tank and fuel dist so I don't want that
going to
> hell again. I don't want to come back in a few years and have a pile
of sh*t
> again.  I plan on doing the following.
> Flush all coolant
> Amsoil Oil change
> Flush all brake fluid out(last done in spring)
> put up in air a bit(to save new shocks & tires)
> Drain gas?  what do you think?
> Detail car, condition interior
> Anything else I'm forgetting?
> Thanks
> Peace
> Dave
> 6286

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