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Created: 11/17/98

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I had the same problem with the DeLorean Automatic. I had to replace the computer gov. for the trans. It is a very straight forward process and not difficult. 3 hours time. They go bad because of voltage spikes from the fans up front and from jump starting the car. The "FANZILLA" that P.J. Grady sells helps to soften the voltage spikes by turning on the fans one at a time. ((((The Stock with the blue relay or the jumper wire they come on 2 at time NOT A GOOD "FIX" TO A BAD PROBLEM))).

Computer Cost $400.00 from a DeLorean Supplier

Fanzilla Cost $ Priceless from P. J. Grady

1. Remove the transmission Pan after draining the fluid.

2. You will see how the computer is attached inside the trans.

3. Remove the inside switches and connections.

4. Follow the computer wires to the connection inside the boot and disconnect the electrical connection from the main harness.

5. Reverse the order for installation of new computer.

6. While you are inside the trans. REPLACE THE SHIFT SOLENOIDS. and clean/replace the transmission filter((((IMPORTANT! EVERY 10,000 miles)))))

7. Add 3.9 quarts of Dexron III transmission fluid.

8. Make sure everything is fit and secure, check fluid levels and road test.

I had to replace the entire transmission $4,000 plus shipping, etc.etc. To all automatic transmission owners, replace the fluids every 10,000 miles and clean out the filter every 10,000 miles. If you can find a place that flushes the entire transmission all 9 quarts of Dexron III, have it performed.


Michael Pack

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