How to Gain Entry if the Keys are Locked Inside

Created: 1/21/05

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Author/source: Chris Williams

Editor's note: I thought a bit about the wisdom of posting instructions on breaking into a DeLorean, but upon further examination determined that this is mcuh to involved for a car thief to bother with on the side of the road. They would break the window. This process would tend to attract a lot of attention. --Dave



Okay, This may take a while to read and understand, but this opening procedure worked for me with zero damage to the car.

First, you need to open the engine compartment.

The easiest way is to remove the rear left hand light unit or from underneath the car use a piece of wire to access the latch.

Next remove the right angle cover (plastic) that covers the electrics in the front right of the engine compartment, where the coil is located.  Locate the large red multiplug. Going into this should be a Green/white wire. Disconnect the multiplug from the bulkhead.

Next, carefully disconnect the car battery from the alternator, so there is no power on the car. On to the wires attach a length of cable about two metres long (ensure that the end of this cannot touch anything) Tape the cables that you disconnected from the alternator so it cannot touch anything.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE OF THE NEXT STEP!!
You will now need two old fashioned metal wire coat hangers. Stretch these out and join them together so you have a long piece of wire. Put a bend at one of the ends at about half an inch from the end.

Next, jack up the car and remove the front left wheel. Then take that same coat hanger and wiggle it around the rubber grommet, where the speedo cable goes into the car, (hook side first) at the rear of the wheel well.  After you push it in about a foot or so, you will see it emerging in the drivers footwell.
Keep pushing and shaping the wire so it angles over to the drivers side window switch.  This will take numerous tries and much getting up and down because you can't see the wire while you feed it.  Lots of patience is required!!

Once you have got it next to the switch, hook under the backside of it so it will force the top (backside) of the switch up.  This is the same as pushing the window "down" side.  Now you are almost home.

Now, go back to the multipin plug that is in the engine compartment. Take the small jumper  wire that you connected to the alternator wires, and touch this against the pin that corresponds to the green/white wire of the multiplug on the bulkhead part of the multipin plug.
Your toll window will come down and you can open the door using the inside handle.  You should hear the window moving.

For those of you who are wondering----the LIGHT GREEN/WHITE  wire connects to fuse #16, out of there it becomes WHITE/BLUE to a junction, then down to fuse #11, out of there it is LIGHT GREEN/WHITE to another junction and then up to the power window switch #77 and into the motor.

This worked very well for me and as I said before, it beats the hell out of breaking a window. 
My thanks for this info go to Mike Clemens, with additions by myself


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