Water Pump Replacement

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Created: 12/30/01

Author/source: Peter Lucas

This document provides still more details on  Waterpump change instructions and  DMC Waterpump Details. Be sure to read both of these articles first.

The above cited articles are wonderful resources that made it possible for me to replace my DeLorean's water pump.  In addition to saving  hundreds of dollars, I learned a huge amount about my engine, gained confidence as a mechanic and also had the opportunity to clean and detail my engine in the process.

Although these resources are excellent, the process was still a little scary, due to the many wires, hoses, and miscellaneous doodads that must be removed and reinstalled in the process of this rather complex procedure. As a service to future adventurers, I decided to attempt to document each and every wire, hose, bolt and washer that needs to be removed in the course of this procedure and publish it as a checklist.

This document is the result.

So here's the plan:
Print out a copy of this note to be used as a checklist. Do everything mentioned here in exactly the order listed. Relax. No single step is difficult, the only challenge involves getting lost in all the details. Take your time. Clean everything up nice and shiny as you remove it. Clear yourself a large, clean area and line everything up in exactly the order that they were removed. Your engine will look very scary by the time you get to the end of the checklist. DON'T PANIC! It will all go back together just fine.  Simply start at the end of the checklist and work your way back up. Relax. This procedure is a rite of passage of sorts--dividing the men and women from the boys and girls, so to speak. By the time you finish it you will think of yourself as a real live Delorean mechanic. Did I mention to relax?  Good.  Now go for it.


OK, ready? Let's go:
  1. Remove air cleaner.
  2. Remove throttle drip shield
  3. Free hoses and wire harness
  4. Loosen lower air casing attachments to intake manifold
  5. Idle speed control
  6. Electrical connections
  7. Fuel hoses
  8. Solenoid valve (in front of lower air casing)
  9. Prepare lower air casing for removal
  10. Remove lower air casing
  11. Remove inter inlet manifold pipe
  12. Remove wiring
  13. Remove throttle spool assembly
  14. Inlet manifold
  15. Water pump
  16. Coolant distribution pipe

This is as far as we go.  Pretty cool, huh? Now would be a good time to impress your spouse with your skill and daring. Take a break. Then get to work cleaning up all that crud you have uncovered. When everything is spic and span, get out your shiny new water pump and start working your way back up the checklist. Be careful with O-rings and don't overtorque anything. Relax. When you get to the top of the list, start her up, top up the anti-freeze, purge the system, then go for a ride. Finally, send a note to the DML letting us know how it went.

Have fun!

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