Stock DeLorean Wheel Offset, Dimensions, and Weight

Created: July 01, 2005

Last updated: Original

Author/source: Ben Ferguson / DML

I recently had my DeLorean's wheels stripped and powder coated and I
figured that while they were off the car and without tires I would
gather some information for the purpose of sharing with my fellow
DeLorean owners.  In the AZ-D club there are some owners who just
want to know more about their cars while others want to consider
aftermarket wheels.  Chances are that if you are reading this, you
fit into one of those two groups.

I took measurements using fairly basic measuring tools and for
simplicity I rounded to the nearest 32nd of an inch and then rounded
to the nearest whole millimeter after conversion.  If anyone finds
fault with my measurements or finds drastically different results,
then please provide your information to the DeLorean community
(apparently there were at least two different castings for wheels
according to the observations of AZ-D member Daniel Fox).

The following information was gathered after the wheels had been
powder coated:

Stock Front 14x6 Wheel
Calculated Offset (in/mm)*:  1.375/34.925 rounded 35mm
Backspace (in/mm):  4.875/123.825 rounded 124mm
Weight (lbs/kilograms):  18.02/8.173735
Measured Outside Width (in/mm):  7/177.8 rounded 178mm

Stock Rear 15x8 Wheel
Calculated Offset (in/mm)*:  .75/19.05 rounded 19mm
Backspace (in/mm):  5.25/133.35 rounded 133mm**
Weight (lbs/kilograms):  22.20/10.06975
Measured Outside Width (in/mm):  9/228.6 rounded 229mm

NOTE:  In stock configuration the rear wheels of the DeLorean include
a 3mm spacer.  I do not know why this spacer was not incorporated
into the wheel design, but it is most definitely there.  When
considering aftermarket wheels, first determine if you will keep or
eliminate this spacer.  If you maintain the stock wheel width and you
choose to keep the spacer, then you will need wheels that match the
stock offset.  If you plan to eliminate the stock spacer, then you
will need to apply the spare 3mm of material into the wheel or spacer
that you intend to use.  For a wheel matching the stock wheel width
you will need to find a wheel or wheel and spacer combination that
yields a 16mm offset***.

* Calculated Offset (in/mm) was determined by using the following
formula:  Backspace - (Measured Outside Width/2) = Calculated Offset

** I took this measurement three times because of inconsistent
results.  The first measurement was 5-11/32" (5.34375) / 135.7312mm
(Which would yield a Calculated Offset of (in/mm) 0.84375/21.43125
rounded 21mm), but subsequent measurements yielded 5-1/4" (5.25) /
133.35mm.  Please advise if you get the same or different results.

*** Or 18mm if referencing discrepancy **.

Thank you,
Ben Ferguson
Arizona DeLorean Club, Car Cruise Director - VIN 10365
American Hydrogen Association - Board of Directors, 1996 - present

There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand
binary and those who do not.

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