What are the Three DeLorean Wheel Styles?

Created: 1/6/2006

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Author/source: Swingle

It's one of those little-known facts of DeLorean lore (at least until now) that there were three distinct wheel styles produced by the factory. It's not unusual to see mis-matched sets on cars, because the dealers were not all that careful about replacing bent ones. When you do get your wheels exchanged, make sure you get a whole set the same!

For lack of better or more official terms, they are (in chronological order of production)

Style 1 - Dark/Thin

Style 2 - Light/Thin

Style 3 - Light/Thick

These are Illustrated below. All wheels shown are fronts but the rears are similar:

Style 1 - Dark/Thin: Dark refers to the comparatively dark grey color, Thin refers to the thickness of the center section of the casting

Style 2 - Light/Thin: This is the same casting but with the lighter silver color that was used.

Style 3 - Light/Thick: This is a different casting with a much thicker center section, which used the same lighter silver powdercoat as Style 2. The thickness is most noticeable at the inner end of the fins closest to the lug holes. Compare this with the photo just above.

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