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Updated January 26, 2007

Welcome fellow DeLorean enthusiast:  This is the DeLorean mailing list.
Please take a moment to review this message.  It includes some rules of
conduct, information about web sites for the list, as well as subscription
and unsubscription information.

1.0 CHARTER - This list exists for the enthusiasts of the DeLorean cars
produced during the 1981-83 model years. We all have a bit to learn from
each other, and welcome ALL DeLorean owners as members of the group.  This
list also exists for the benefit of those for whom ownership is a future
event and would like to get a handle on what it takes to live with, or be
married to, these wonderful cars. This list exists independently of the
current business known as the DeLorean Motor Company, or any other groups,
email lists, or web sites dealing with DeLorean automobiles other than

2.0 RESTRICTIONS - This is an unrestricted subscription list. Anyone may
join at any time without approval. All postings are subject to approval by
the active member of the moderating team. Please note that, in order to
reduce unsolicited spam, only authorized subscribers can post messages;
anonymous postings don't get past the list processor.  Topics should deal
with anything concerning owning, fixing, driving, restoring, detailing, or
anything else tangential with what it takes to live with these unique and
affordable automobiles. Also welcome are discussion of the DeLorean Motor
Company (the original manufacturer) and John Z. DeLorean himself.  Personal
impressions, links to sites, links to other information or personal
experiences are especially welcome. Personal, side observations of off-topic
areas should be minimized, but right now, are not absolutely forbidden.
Please be respectful of each other's mailboxes. Flames, intolerance, gross
characterizations, or any racial, ethnic, or orientation slurs are
forbidden.  The moderator will delete obscenities and any intolerant
comments.  The decision of the moderator as to what is obscene, intolerant,
or not in keeping with 'spirit' of the list is final.  This is, and has
been, and will continue to be, a "G" rated list.

3.0 ITEMS FOR SALE/SWAP - Items for sale, including cars, for PERSONAL
purposes are just fine; commercial ventures should use good judgment and
restraint (say, no more than once every couple weeks, ok?) and not tie up
the list with advertisements. It has been noted that many list members have
spare parts or knowledge that they are willing to swap or sell to other
members at reasonable cost to help each other out.  More detailed vendor
rules at http://www.dmcnews.com/Admin/vendor_rules.html. We tend to frown on
postings seeking a "cheap" DeLorean, as the average list-member tends to
find this offensive. Be sure to include your email ID in the form of
"joe(AT)isp.com" because Yahoo Groups strips the email ID out of addresses
in the archives.

4.0 NETIQUETTE - Please note that you should use caution when quoting
personal email in your reply, unless you have the acquiescence of all
parties to the communications. Please respect the rights of your fellow
list-members and help maintain some modicum of privacy for private email as
well as list decorum. The list is setup to strip ALL attachments, to prevent
virus forwarding, dirty pictures, email pyramid schemes and the like from
cluttering up the list. File size is restricted so as to inhibit quoting
entire digests. If you have images or other data that you would like the
members to see, please post the info the YahooGroups.com site, and provide a
URL to the users versus attaching that file to a message.  When replying to
a message, let's get back into the (seemingly) long-lost netizen habit of
snipping unneeded or non-germane text from the body of the reply.
Especially, please be painfully aware of replying to the list if you are in
DIGEST mode, since a one or two-line retort in the middle of a digest, if
you are quoting the whole digest, is aggravating to your fellow users.  We
are a pretty tolerant bunch, but that tolerance has been built up by a long
tradition of respectful and open dialogue by the members of the group here.

5.0 OTHER SHARED FILES - As a member, there is a shared file area you can
upload images to on the yahoo server site; compressed JPEG is the best to
conserve disk space on the servers.  We do reserve the right to clean out
the file area from time to time to conserve disk space; we only have 20megs
available. We would caution against uploading any scans of copyrighted
material to either of these sites. This is not the place to debate whether
or not the information is for personal use, for now, let's accept the fact
that copyright owners have the right to tell us what to do with their
intellectual property.  The fact is, in this litigious society, we don't
have the resources to fight swarms of lawyers descending on us because a
site we administer has copyrighted material on it.  We need the bucks to
keep our cars running...:)

6.0 HOW DO I TURN THIS OFF - To unsubscribe from this list, go to the
Yahoo Groups web site, at www.yahoogroups.com/groups/dmcnews/, and select the
User Center link from the menu bar on the left. Or, alternatively, you can
send a message to: dmcnews-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com and the system will
ask you to reply to a confirmation message.

7.0 HOW DO I CHANGE MY SUBSCRIPTION - I don't like getting 50 emails a day.
Can you help? Yes - Go into the members area off of the top page of the
Yahoo Groups website for the group, select your name, and change your
subscription type to something other than individual emails.

8.0 LIST OWNER AND CONTACT INFORMATION - Any suggestions for improvements
greatly appreciated, either on or off-list. Questions or comments to the
moderator should be sent to moderators(AT)dmcnews.com. All the moderators
will see your note. More detailed information on the list-owners is
available at http://www.dmcnews.com/admin.html

Technical information is used solely at your own risk. Your use of
Yahoo Groups is subject to http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/.

Postings to the DELOREAN MAILING LIST are the opinions of the author and not necessarily
those of the list moderator (David Swingle et.al.) or his Internet Service Provider(s). 
The list moderators make every effort to screen out false, misleading, and negative postings,
but it is up to you, the reader of the DELOREAN MAILING LIST, to realize that nothing
should be taken as actual fact without reseach and investigation of your own. Authors
of messages to the DELOREAN MAILING LIST are also reminded to consider the ramifications
of posting inaccurate information. While everyone (in the United States, at least)
is entitled to their own opinion and the right of free speech, you still cannot yell
"Fire!" in a crowded theatre.

Any maintenance techniques or possible modifications (including, but not limited to,
part substitution) published in the DELOREAN MAILING LIST or on this website at www.dmcnews.com should
be weighed against conventional, traditional and generally accepted techniques and
modifications. Neither the list moderator (Mike Griese et.al.) nor his Internet Service
Provider(s) should be considered the authority on maintaining or improving DeLoreans
and the views expressed are those of the author of the message posted or procedure
described and does not constitute endorsement of it by the moderator or his Internet
Service Provider(s). Prudent owners should consider possible techniques or modifications
in light of common sense compromises among economy, longevity, performance,
reliablility, driveability, legality and resale value. Failure to consider any of the
above could result in either harm to your DeLorean, your pocketbook or yourself. The
list moderator and his Internet Service Provider(s) will not assume liability for any
such consequences. Think before you act.

Just as opening a software package indicates your agreement to the terms of the
licensing agreement, posting a message to the DELOREAN MAILING LIST, subscribing
to either the "live" or "digest" version, or accessing the archives indicates that
you have read, understand and agree with the disclaimer above.

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