The DeLorean Mailing List policy on Commercial Postings
                   Originally posted to the Mailing List on 8/2/99, modified 1/26/07

We have had inquiries recently about allowing "commercial" postings into the mailing list.

We will reiterate that DMCNews (the Web page) and The DeLorean Mailing list are unaffiliated with any commercial venture. This is administered and paid for privately.

We have allowed, and will continue to allow, individuals and vendors to post information regarding goods and services, within reason, on the mailing list. This is, to us, similar to people posting parts and/or cars for sale. We feel that this provides a valuable avenue for information to the DML community. You won't see ads for DeLorean Parts and Services in Road & Track, the audience is too small to justify the cost. How many times have you heard at car shows "Where do you get parts for this thing?". It's obvious that the public at large, and this includes new subscribers to the list, are unaware of the resources out there. It is in the interest of promoting the marque to make the public aware of these resources. For this reason we also post links to all Vendor websites , as well as any Organized Clubs who give us information to post. We have also allowed, and will continue to allow, clubs to post information of quasi-commercial nature to the mailing list.

SO. . . .Here are the Rules - we will continue to post information from anyone offering bona-fide DeLorean-related equipment or services. We welcome the vendor's contribution of technical advice.  This is very helpful to list members, and there is a correlation between helpful vendors and members' impression of those vendors and their willingness to do business with them.  That said, there is a line between "yes, that part's available" and "Sale Sale Sale". 

Sample OK - A listmember posts "My frammistat hurts." a vendor may post "We have a frammistat in stock that will solve your problem.  See our website."  Another Sample OK - "We have started remanufacturing those pesky, unavailable frammistats.  See our website."  Sample NOT OK - "This week only!!  Frammistats on sale for 80% off while supplies last!!!" 

Also "Flaming" of one vendor to another will not be posted. On the other hand, vendors need to be aware that as an "independent" mailing list, from time to time individual members may elect to comment on vendors' service, both good and bad. We allow members to tell of specific, factual, first person experiences with vendors as long as the accounts are well-written and reasonable.

Sample OK - "It took three weeks for Vendor X to ship my new lugnuts!"  Sample NOT OK: "Vendor Y is an evil company run by idiots." Compliments and "good news" stories are also welcome, and we suspect that there are more of these in the archives than the opposite.

We will make no attempt to balance the number of postings between sources, the more the merrier. This is tough enough to moderate without starting to count postings.

Vendors who have not posted anything - please feel free to join in. THAT BEING SAID - we do not expect (and will not allow) this to turn into a "sale of the week" posting site. That belongs on the vendors' web pages or other customer mailing lists that they may care to start. Vendors will be subject to the same rejection rules as anyone else regarding excessive string quoting and other such infractions. We'll also frown on harvesting email addresses from the archives, although that would be admittedly hard to police.  We are sure the list members themselves will do a good enough job of pointing out that this is not an acceptable practice to the vendor involved, both privately and through the list.

As always, comments welcome. And as always, if it gets out of control we can change our minds.

Mike, Mike, Marty, Knut, Rich
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