DeLorean Mailing List - 01/17/96

DeLorean Mailing List - 1/17/96

Cross Reference - RH Water Pump Hose
Auction Update
Re>Hot Wheels DeLorean
Dead Battery
Door Locks
Takeuchi's Web Page?
RE: Hot Wheels DeLorean
Cross reference for water pump hose
Subject:     Cross Reference - RH Water Pump Hose
Sent:        01/15  8:10 PM
Received:    01/15  1:24 PM
From:        Chase Clark, stormrider(AT)
To:          mikasa(AT)
CC:          dmcnews, dmcnews(AT)

>Anybody have a crossreference for the RH water pump hose? This would be
>the approxiamtely 14" hose illustrated in the DMC parts manual, section
>1-3-1, number 9, part #108676. Thanks! Also, some of the surveys have
>started to come back in fro the DeLorean parts/service facilities, see
>the web page for more details.
>From: James Espey, mikasa(AT)


I don't know if this is the specific hose you are talking about (since
there are so many of them to speak of), but here is an excerpt for the
Southeastern DeLorean Owners Club Cross Reference List, which came with my
DeLorean from Oregon. Hopefully it helps you.

"The peculiar hose on the right side of the engine that goes to the input
of the water pump is closely matched by a Gates #21262."

While I am at it...

"The hose on the left side of the engine that goes to the output of the
water pump is closely matched by a DAYCO #71254. The end that fits on the
water pump is a stretch fit so lubricate the fitting and the hose before
pushing it in place. Have patience, it will go on."

This information was compiled by Tom Long and Byrne Heninger of the
Southeastern DeLorean Owners Club, with help from many other individuals.

Good luck James.

~ Chase

Subject:     Auction Update
Sent:        01/15  9:11 PM
Received:    01/15  2:17 PM
From:        awolf(AT)
To:          dmcnews, dmcnews(AT)

	Gotta get this out again before I forget............
	*Due to overlapping bids, E-mail names of those whos bids are
	*accepted are listed.  The first to bid at a price is accepted.
	*Therefore, you should be looking for your name in case of a higher
	*or sooner bid.
	*1 Original Digital Clock removed from shifter panel

		New item - currently no bid
	-1 Original Craig Tape/AM/FM w/digital Clock, Fully Functional,
	 Good Condition.

		Latest bid currently stands at $150  FROM:  THX-1138
*	-1 Window Motor.
*		Sold and on it's way to:   RDUBS30796  at $110.00
	-2 Workshop Manuals - One Hardback, excellent illustrations
			     One Softcover, Low grade photo illustrations

		Latest bid is $90 for Hardcover FROM:   RDUBS30796
			      $30 for Softcover FROM:   THX-1138
-Assorted DeLorean World Magazines and artical compilation
		Contains several Years of DW magazines, assorted articles
		Brochures, information packets, DeGull Wing newsleters,
		Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club Newsletters, recalls,
		updates, DeLorean One Catalogs, bussiness cards
		from Assorted DeLorean familliar shops, Assorted photos,
		rare postcards and Dealer handlets, filed into plastic
		top loading protector sheets, packed into sturdy large
		binder with plaque from the 1995 LeMay car show where it
		was displayed along with my #5918.
		Well over $100 worth of documentation.

		Latest bid stands at $85  FROM:    SHOWMEMIKE
			1996, Yearly View, Hard back w/
			Large DeLorean Prototype picture.

				$10 + $1.00 Each Priority
					Shipping Charges
	-Information packets
		-Open your door by remote Control
		-Fan Fail ReWire, fixes DeLorean Weak Spot

			*ALL GONE*  If still interested
			Leave me a message for instructions
			on how to join the Pacific Northwest
			DeLorean Club
	Send Bids, Requests, or Questions to:
	Check or Money Order w/priority shipping charges to:

	Anthony R. Wolf
	P.O. Box 344
	Poulsbo, Wa.  98370


Subject:      Re>Hot Wheels DeLorean
Sent:        01/16  6:37 AM
Received:    01/16  1:01 PM
From:        BHenderlong, bhenderlong(AT)
Reply-To:    BHenderlong(AT)
To:          dmcnews, dmcnews(AT)

Thanks to whomever posted the info about the DMC-12 model
at Toys-R-Us ... picked mine up today, and although the fit &
finish isn't *perfect*, it's still a reasonable facsimile.

I wonder who bought the gold DeLorean that was offered in
the previous issue of the duPont Registry ... I notice it doesn't
appear in the most recent issue.

Saw my neighbor's DeLorean parked next to a yellow Diablo at
the clubhouse last week!  If I had a way to send it to the web
page, I'd watch for it again and take a picture for everyone (I
don't have a computer).

Brian Henderlong

Subject:     Dead Battery
Sent:        01/16  9:22 AM
Received:    01/16  7:37 AM
From:        NOTES.FEMBDEN(AT)A50VM1.trg.nynex.COM
To:          dmcnews, dmcnews(AT)

Here is another thought on the "dead battery" problem. I have a 2 amp. charger
or maintainer, plugs into the cigarette lighter, that maintains the battery
during log or short periods of sitting. These can be found in the J.C.Whitney

Subject:     Door Locks
Sent:        01/16  10:58 AM
Received:    01/16  9:07 AM
From:        NOTES.FEMBDEN(AT)A50VM1.trg.nynex.COM
To:          dmcnews, dmcnews(AT)

 Does any one have a wiring diagram of the automatic door locks on a DMC-12?

Subject:     Takeuchi's Web Page?
Sent:        01/16  8:43 AM
Received:    01/16  9:57 AM
From:        Chris Shepard, ausmith(AT)
To:          dmcnews, dmcnews(AT)

 Does anyone have any idea what happened to David Takeuchi? The page 
was last updated in November ( latest date I can find ). I've sent my 
new e-mail address twice, and it stays the same. I have also sent him 
e-mail reguarding an order and have had no response.
 For anyone interested, please note my address. The aol one is no 

Subject:     RE: Hot Wheels DeLorean 
Sent:        01/16  7:58 PM
Received:    01/16  1:17 PM
From:        James Espey, mikasa(AT)
To:          dmcnews, dmcnews(AT)

I went to both my local Toys R US stores and neither had a DeLorean in 
what was onthe sales floor. I found the right product, just none of the 
twin packs had DeLorean's in them. I did find the Trans Am, but it 
doesn't have near the appeal that the DeLorean does...anyone be willing 
to pick one up for me somewhere?


Subject:     Webmaster getting back from "reality"
Sent:        01/17  5:32 AM
Received:    01/17  9:27 AM
From:        Dave Takeuchi, Takeuchi(AT)
To:          dmcnews, DMCnews(AT)


Glad to see that the DeLorean fans and owners are still active on the net. 
I have been away from my computer for over a month as I have been
_EXTREMEMLY_ busy.  First, it started with zapping my computer motherboard,
thanks to our recent 1995 storm.  Then at the same time, things were
swamped at work with the Christmas rush (I work in the freight industry).
Then came my parents visiting me for 3-weeks during the holidays all the
way from Japan.  They just left last week, and all week I have been doing
some _MAJOR_ "catching up".  As you can probably see, I was lucky if I got
a good night sleep :-).

I have recieved all (or most) of the orders for any DeLorean material.  You
should have gotten them by now.  If not, please contact me.  The orders of
(initials -- to remain anonymous) D.S. and J.J.P. were sent out this
morning. I have noticed a few that for some reason were lost during my address transfer.

As my time is currently limited (until sometime end of this month), please
write to me briefly if you have any questions, comments, requests, etc. 
(No more than a brief paragraph please).

If you sent me e-mail earlier, I will try to answer them in the order recieved.

Thank you.
David Takeuchi
DeLorean Home Page Webmaster

P.S.  -- So what's new on the Net lately?

*  David Takeuchi                      * 13215-C8 SE Mill Plain              *
*  Takeuchi(AT)               * Suite 408                           *
*                                      * Vancouver, WA. 98684                *
*                                      * Phone/fax: (360) 891-9104           *
|  DeLorean Automobile Home Page Webmaster                                 
|                        |
|  For DeLorean related collector items, see                                |
|                       |

Subject:     Cross reference for water pump hose
Sent:        01/17  3:45 AM
Received:    01/17  9:57 AM
From:        Tom Long, trl2(AT)
To:          dmcnews, dmcnews(AT)

The peculiar hose on the right side of the engine that goes to the input of the water pump is best matched by NAPA 7610 (fits an '84-'85 Mustang 2.3L w/o AC).  It also closely matched by a Gates #21262 or # 20736.  These may require a little trimming and a short piece of 1 -1/4 inch hose for a tight seal to the aluminum tubing.

Tom Long, President

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