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        Re: dmcnews-digest V2 #91


From: mail06754(AT)
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 10:14:36 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Reproduction Parts

I've found a guy on the Internet who is interested in manufacturing
reproduction parts.  He's done this type of work before and seems to
know what he's talking about.  I've already suggested DeLorean body
parts to him but he says that would be beyond his current capability.
What other parts are not available or hard to find for the DeLorean?
I know there are some suspension bushings that are getting very 
difficult to find but what about other parts?  Interior?
Any suggestions apprecitated.

- --Rob Hook

Subject: FS: Kid sized DMC replica


I'd love to have this for my son.  I noticed you work for HP.
Are you being transferred to the Rockville, MD office by chance?
If so, I work within view of that office.  Any chance you could
bring the DMC toy with you?  I know that wasn't the idea but
shipping that thing (because of it's size) would probably be a
real pain anyway.  

If you are moving to a portion of Maryland close to DC, (most of 
it is)drop me a line.  I'm interested in starting a DMC club or 
DOA chapter in the area but I've not gotten much response yet 
(only advertised here though).  Interested?

- --Rob Hook

Subject: Bricklins

This is getting a little off-topic but since the list has been
kinda slow recently anyway...

I've driven several Bricklins.  One of them was bought from
Malcolm Bricklin me a line.  I'm interested in starting a DMC club or 
DOA chapter in the area but I've not gotten much response yet 
(only adve me a line.  I'm interested in starting a DMC club or 
DOA chapt me a line.  I'm interested in starting a DMC club or 
DOA chapter in the area but I've not gotten much response yet 
(only adve me a line.  I'm interested in starting a DMC club or 
DOA chapt me a line.  I'm interested in starting a DMC club or 
DOA chapt me a line.  I'm interested in starting a DMC club or 
DOA chapter in the area but I've not gotten much response yet 
(only adve me a line.  I'm interested in starting a DMC club or 
DOA chapter in the area but I've not gotten much response yet 
(only advertised here though).  Interested?

- --Rob Hook

Subject: Bricklins

 more to
do with the nature of how the system is designed than an

Some of the problems I've seen:

Leaks around the doors,  cracks in the body,  failing exterior
door switches and locks, multiple carb. problems, failing 
window motors, windows falling out of the track and fairly
tacky interiors (I know, it's an opinion).

Isn't it nice to see the DeLoreans aren't the only unusual cars
with unusual problems?

- --Rob Hook

Subject: DeLorean Mustang

I was thumbing through a Mustang book last night and noticed that
one of the early eighties Mustang concept cars looks incredibly
similar to a DeLorean.  It looks like a cross between a DeLorean
and a Conquest TSI.  I don't know if it had gull-wing doors but
the window treatment was exactly the same.  The body also had
the same angular design with just a little more angularity
and wider (thicker) rear wheel wells.  Has anyone else noticed
cars that bear striking resemblances to DeLoreans?

Just trying to liven this place up...

- --Rob Hook

Subject: Something evil lurks my way...

James:  How many subscribers do we have now?  The  old list
format mentioned it at the bottom.  If I'm not mistaken, we
had a little over 200 subscribers when we switched formats.
It seems like we have less than 20 people who actively
post.  C'mon all you lurkers.  Don't be shy.  You don't have
to know a whole lot about DeLoreans to post here (as a few
people have proven (JK)  :)  ).  

- --Rob Hook


From: Knut S Grimsrud 
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 96 07:38:00 PST
Subject: Re: 0-60, power steering, dead battery

LEDGEND2(AT) writes:

> I've had my DMC since around 1985 and have kept it in a garage
> until a few weeks ago.  Does anyone know how fast the car does 0-60 
> in?

Take it out and try it. The 0-60 time is not good and it is reported 
in Stainless Steel Illusion (alongside other cars it was compared 
against). Although SSI does contain some errors, the book is fairly 
good and I recommend it to anyone with a DeLorean interest (although 
it is hard to find and fairly expensive). I don't have my copy handy 
so I cann't report the 0-60 time now.

> My DeLorean also doesn't have power steering or brakes.  Is it
> possible to upgrade my car to power steering and brakes and will i
> need special parts to do so?

The car does have power assisted brakes through the use of a vacuum 
servo. Although the steering is standard rack/pinion, I have not found 
it particularly heave, probably because the front end is fairly light. 
I have not seen any good conversions (nor do I believe they are 

> My DMC's battery goes dead every time I leave it parked for over 24
> hours.  Temporarily I put a "battery buddy" on it that cuts off the 
> battery if the charge drops to low.  Does anyone know what the
> problem may be?

A few issues back there was extensive discussion on sources of power 
drain. Check the back issues of the DMC News. Some places to check 
include the light in the engine compartment and the marker lights 
around the doors. On my car, the plunbger switches in the door jamp 
are not quite long enough to depress securely and I have had do add 
rubber caps to them to get the door lights to reliably turn off when 
the doors are closed. On early cars, the concole clock also drained 
excessive power, but should not be enough of a drain to kill your 
battery in 24 hours.

                                        Knut Grimsrud
                                        DOA Chapter 41



- ------------------------------

From: LordWeb(AT)
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 17:04:09 -0500 
Subject: [none]

after Malcolm recovered from his own car I think he also 
brought to the USA the Yugo.

I also think he may have had something to do with introducing the Subaru to 
us also (I think prior to the SV1).

Would I own a Bricklin?  Probably if the $$$ were right.  Would I trade my 
DMC-12 for a Bricklin?  No thanks.  However when I was in Scottsdale AZ 
around 1976 I saw a black and white Bricklin police car (light bar and 
everything).  Actually it was blue and white.  Bricklin lived in Scottsdale 
at the time and gave the car to the police department there.  I wouldn't mind 
locating that particular car for novelty reasons.

BTW....I haven't recently taken the opportunity to thank James Espey for all 
of his work on maintaining the DMC Mail List. I do enjoy receiving this list.
 Thanks James

- ------------------------------

From: James Espey  
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 05:16:21 -0700 
Subject: DeLorean for Sale

1981 DeLorean, #BD003707, Five speed, grey interior, 2700 miles. This car 
is in West Virginia and is for sale by the original owner. The asking 
price is $19,000. For more details, DO NOT EMAIL ME. Contact Pauline at 
(304) 598-2898. THis ad is posted as a service to the owner who is not 
online at this time.

James "Mikasa" Espey
"There is nothing more sad or more glorious than generations changing 

- ------------------------------

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From: stormrider(AT) (Chase Clark)
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 11:40:03 -0600
Subject: Your DeLorean


The battery problem can be caused by a myriad of items, such as a corroded
ground connection, door lights remaining on when doors are closed, faulty
cigarette lighter (as in my case) or a short circuit anywhere in the
electronics that is causing an excessive power drain. There have been lots
of recommendations in the Mailing List about what to check out as possible
causes. I would advise scanning the old issues for such advice.

As far as power steering and power brakes go ... All DeLoreans were built
with power brakes, so it seems doubtful that yours would not have them
anymore. Although, your brake booster could have gone bad and it would seem
like the car did not have power brakes.

I personally would not recommend switching a DeLorean to power steering.
The English rack-and-pinion steerings are the best in the world as far as I
am concerned. My DeLorean and two MG Midgets I use to own, give the driver
a better feel for the road than any other car, including a couple of
Porsches I've driven over the years. Power steering systems seem to take
this "feel" away from the driver and because of that I am not real fond of

Just my two cents worth.

~ Chase


From: omv6369(AT) (Otto Vondrak)
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 13:27:50 -0500
Subject: Re: dmcnews-digest V2 #91

What I've seen here by reading this newslist is that DeLorean owner's of
the 90's are a different breed. From what most people have posted, they are
"average" folks who drive their DeLorean as their "get-to-work" car, their
raod trip car, and their sports car. My friend, who is a Viper fanatic,
says that the DeLorean is "affordable luxury." I think he gets that from
the price range we've seen: $8000 to $20,000. This is far below what
youwoudl pay for a car today, but when you figure in parts and labour for
the DMC, it comes out to about the same.

So hip hip for the DMC-12, and John Z. I oonly hope this cap on DMC-12
prices stays reasonable so when I get out of school, I too can own the

- -Otto-

 Otto Vondrak                                             Box 02045

 Rochester Institute of Technology              Hettie Shumway Hall
 School of Art and Design                            Rochester NY  14623
 Graphic Design Major                                716.475.4451


From: CYKE27(AT)
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 15:27:42 -0500
Subject: Re: dmcnews-digest V2 #91



From: Laz532(AT)
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 1996 15:49:39 -0500
Subject: Bricklins

     Okay, I'm the lone Bricklin owner in a pack of anti-Bricklin cultists.
Sounds fair to me, because I've got enough temerity to go around. Yes, yes,
yes, the Bricklin was pretty poor in quality, but what do you expect from
Canadians (just a joke, no need to send hate mail). To set the record
straight, Bricklins began production in 1974, with the SV-1 model. The SV-1
stands for Safety Vehicle 1. This was part of Malcolm Bricklin's dream to
produce a safety sports car. It was a safety vehicle because of several
factors. One, the frame was an AMC Javelin frame, slightly modified. It had
an impact box around the gas tank and an integrated roll cage along with high
door sills for side impact. Two, it came with front disc brakes. (Okay, not
that impressive, but in 1974, front drums were pretty common for American
Cars) Three, energy absorbant bumpers which could absorb a 15mph impact.
Along with the front bumper there is an impact zone that extends from the
bumper to the hood.  Four, a warning system of lights on the dash, including
seat belt buzzer and other fine implementations. And five, the lack of an
ashtray or cigarette lighter. This one is sure to be a favorite with those
nicotine fiend subscribers. The lack of ashtray and lighter were so "you
don't go dropping a hot butt in your lap and crash our beautiful car into a
tree" (Bricklin sales brochure). The Bricklin came in an assortment of bright
colors, because what sticks out is less likely to get hit. 
     The Bricklin came standard with all kinds of options:  AC, front disc
brakes, power steering, power brakes, precision German gauges (tach, oil
pressure, speedometer, temp), tinted windshield, rear defrost, alloy wheels,
etc . . . (the list goes on forever).
     The mechanics of the SV-1 are very simple. The chassis is modified AMC
Javelin. The engine is either a 360ci AMC V-8 with a 4bbl carb. with dual
exhaust (1974, about 780 made) or a Ford 354ci V-8 with a 2bbl carb, single
exhaust with catalytic converter (1975, about 2000 made). The first year 60
manuals were made, and the second year all were autos. The automatic
transmission used is a Chrysler 727 three speed automatic. This was
Chrysler's heavy duty automatic that could handle high amounts of torque.
This "sloppy 3-speed automatic" is the favorite of several AMC drag racers.
The performance dropped from 74 to 75 because of the intake and exhaust
restrictions, and in light of this, my particular Bricklin is a 74.
     As for the looks of a Bricklin, for those who have never seen one or
don't remember it, hey, the car looks good, and when I get a scan of mine
I'll send it to you nonbeleivers, and you'll see how much the DeLorean
actually looks like the Bricklin (everybody steals styling cues here and
there, just ask John Z).
     Now, onto the problems. Basically, Bricklins' body panels crack every 10
years, and are always cracked in high stress areas, like the T-top section.
Bricklin parts are hard to get, but the AMC stuff can be bought at your
average parts house. The doors used to be a problem, but now aren't for me.
Originally, the first Bricklins came with hydraulic doors powered by
hydraulic fluid and convertible top motors. They took 12 seconds to open the
door. This was abandoned after the first 100 (approx) because they took too
long, and the hydraulic lines would break and leak fluid everywhere. Bricklin
then went to compressed air to open the doors. The back bumper is a cast iron
air tank, and the doors open in about 1 second on 125 psi. The problem with
this is that Bricklins have an air pump that compresses 5 psi in 5 minutes to
replenish the air supply, and it runs on engine vacuum. I have gotten around
that by purchasing an additional electric compressor that fills the system
from 0 to 150psi in 4 minutes. Another problem is that the doors seals leak.
Other Bricklin problems are typical AMC Javelin problems, which aren't too
     The Bricklin was the brainchild of Malcolm Bricklin, son of a
multimillionaire in the hardware business. He had nothing to do with cocaine,
like some other gullwing car producer I won't name. The car went from concept
to production in 1 year. Even the best engineers from Lotus could not produce
a semi-flawless car in 1 year. So, the Bricklin was lucky to be as nice as it
was. The car changed constantly over the production to make it much better,
and supposedly, the last 7 cars (put together in 1975 after Bricklin went
under) are flawless.
     As for the comparison between the Bricklin and the DeLorean, the
Bricklin beats the DeLorean in all performance categories even though the
Bricklin was built several years earlier. As for style (I know you'll love
this) if I wanted to drive a shoe box, I would, but I like cuves.
     Okay, if that's not enough, I can go on forever. I'll answer any other
questions you have about the SV-1.
     I'm not trying to turn this into a Bricklin newsletter, but since
DeLoreans and Bricklins both have gullwings, I subscribe. Also, those
DeLorean owners should know some of the heritage of the gullwing cars, and
the Bricklin is it, and the Mercedes before that.

~Adam Lazur, owner of Bricklin VIN#532


From: ausmith(AT)
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 1996 07:25:56 +0000
Subject: Springs

 I would like to get a full set of stock springs. Anyone know where? 
At a reasonable price? Mine is currently to low to put a rear sway 
bar on it, so I need to raise it a bit.



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