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Many times cars or parts are posted to the DeLorean Mailing List for sale, but are quickly forgotten as new messages are posted. We've been posting cars for sale here with great success. This is like a newspaper ad, the DMCNews management takes no responsibility for content or reliability of sellers.  READ THIS FIRST

So - if you'd like to try good old fashioned advertising, no fancy auctions or commissions, give it a shot. Here's the deal:

The "Automobiles for Sale page contains its own set of rules. 

On the "DeLorean Cars, Parts, and Memorabilia" pages, just about anything goes. This is a do-it-yourself page, i.e. ads post immediately. Ads must contain DeLorean-related content. BUT if this gets out of hand (i.e. becomes a lot of work deleting superfluous postings) I'll shut it back down (or start moderating). Ads will remain posted until you tell me to remove them, or the list gets too long, whichever comes first. And if you can't spell  "DeLorean" I'll probably delete the ad right away. If you put "wanted" ads on the "forsale" page, or vice versa, they're gone too. Please be aware of which one you are posting to. 

NOTE - Regarding "I need a Cheap DMC"  or I'll trade a Motorhome for a DeLorean" ads: These serve no useful purpose. Please avoid posting such ads. Car wanted ads in general are fine, (although few sellers will actually reply to them) but be sure to post information regarding your special needs (i.e. explain why you are not just reading and replying to the "For Sale" ads). Examples are needing a car located outside of the US, wanting a certain color etc. Your best bet on locating a car is to continue to monitor the advertising both here and the other sources given. Thanks.

You are strongly encouraged to read the terms and conditions of the DMC-News "Department of Commerce" before proceeding. Ads submitted that do not meet the criteria set forth in the terms and conditions will be discarded. By the way, accessing the DeLorean "Department of Commerce" implies that you have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions.

Updated 9/28/2005

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