Cave Paintings

A great idea - a place to show all the "Cave Paintings" aka Writing done inside the doors at the Factory. This is often discovered when you re-do your headliners, but may appear on the inside of any of the stainless panels.  List the VIN number of the car in your submission. 


Note that some of this also MAY include your key-codes, so we'll keep it somewhat anonymous. 


Posted in VIN order (thanks Peter!)




Created 11.24.2004

Updated 10/31.2005



VIN4494 10/2005


Vin unknown from DMCH (fender)


VIN 06703 11.24.2004

VIN 11605 8.25.2005 


VIN 17094 left


VIN 17094 right

Neither one matches the VIN of the car!



VIN 17144 11.24.04


"Loose" doors not associated with a known VIN


Here's the first couple from  DMC Houston - both of these are warehouse stock doors. 

VIN ??? 11.24.04


VIN ??? 11.24.04


VIN 5939 left door submitted 10 24 07



VIN 5939 right door submitted 10 24 07




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