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NOTE - Regarding "I need a Cheap DMC"  or I'll trade a Motorhome for a DeLorean" ads: These serve no useful purpose. Please avoid posting such ads. Car wanted ads in general are fine, (although few sellers will actually reply to them) but be sure to post information regarding your special needs (i.e. explain why you are not just reading and replying to the "For Sale" ads). Examples are needing a car located outside of the US, wanting a certain color etc. Your best bet on locating a car is to continue to monitor the advertising both here and the other sources given. Thanks.

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Delorean wanted with no engine or engine and transmission Gregory T. 21 May 2009
Interior Parts Needed Jack Singer 24 Mar 2009
Headliner Eric Pool 19 Mar 2009
Tool Kit Eric Pool 16 Mar 2009
Interior Rear View Mirror Eric Pool 16 Mar 2009
Header Bottle Eric Pool 16 Mar 2009
DMC TUB WANTED john miller 06 Mar 2009
June 1981 Delorean car for sale Greg Daly 24 Feb 2009
Console cover for window switches Black Part 108239 Stian Birkeland 18 Jan 2009
Console Tray Black Part 108232 Stian Birkeland 18 Jan 2009
wanted robert wass 08 Jan 2009
Hood with Grooves and No Gas Flap Wanted Steve Bunnell 17 Dec 2008
front disc calipers Phil 16 Dec 2008
Wanted Hood with Flap Jack Singer 18 Oct 2008
DeLorean Tie Rod Ends Eric Pool 11 Sep 2008
DeLorean Frame Needed Steve Bunnell 23 Aug 2008
Ignition Switch Wanted Ian 01 Aug 2008
Delorean Wheels Rims Lauren R. 30 Jun 2008
Rear Sway Bar Ernesto 29 Jun 2008
Digital Clock and Gearknob Stian Birkeland 26 May 2008
Original Catalytic Converter Heat Shield Eric Pool 28 Apr 2008
angle drive Edward Cohen 12 Mar 2008
Need front foam bumper and rock screen Jay Abbott 13 Feb 2008
Mechanic Needs DeLorean Body Elias Izpisua 05 Apr 2007

Last changed: June 17, 2009

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