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Sunday May 26 - Giant's Causeway and Bushmill's Distillery

Sunday we visited Giant's Causeway on the north coast. Here is Chris Parnham's car, preparing to drive down to the Causeway. Unfortunately I did not get down there for that, so the pictures will have to wait (or you'll be able to see them somewhere else).

The parking lot of the Causeway Park was another car show. 

The last stop was Bushmill's Distillery, one that they never failed to remind us was the oldest licensed (i.e. legal) distillery in the world, in operation since 1608. They did not allow inside photography, so here are a few shots anyway

These are some of the DeLorean Club Deutschland members, at the end of the tour where we sampled some of Bushmill's finest product. They are Klaus, Michael, Adrian, and others that I did not happen to recall. 

That about wraps it up. As you can tell, it was a fantastic event, and many thanks to organiser Robert Lamrock, the DOC of the UK, the former DMC employees including Michael Loasby, George Crane, Joe Murray, and I'm sure countless others that slip my mind are well due. 

I hope to clean this up, add many more photos, and catalog it a little better when I get back, but I have a lot going an the rest of the summer. I may actually leave that to the more creative folks on the list (Tamir?) with their own sites. I really wanted to concentrate in the immediacy of the presentation, as I've mentioned before I'm not a web artist and don't intend to be one. 

 There were many cameras at the event, and I'm sure many of the list-members will post their efforts. Contributions welcome if you have a particularly interesting photo to add, but please wait until after June 2 to send in. 

I'm still in Europe for another week, so I'd rather not get huge download files at this point.

Dave Swingle

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