Chicago World of Wheels 2003

February 2, 2003

Link to Organizers....

This is a different sort of event - a HUGE custom car show. Two DeLoreans were present of the 300 or so other special cars. Rich Weissensel brought the new-improved-even more outrageous D-Rex.  Eric and Marni Weber brought their tastefully customized Audio System with a DeLorean attached to it. 

The great news - BOTH cars won first in their respective classes, Rich in Modified 4WD and Eric for Custom Import (I'll get the exact class names later). Congratulations to you both!

We met up the the usual suspects, Ron of Gullwing Magazine, Ken scoping out more car shows, Tamir, who will undoubtedly have a bunch of better pictures of this on his web page, and Katie the DMC-crazed girl from Wisconsin who is counting down the 6 more years until she gets her DeLorean. Can't forget Bob, Bryan, 

Check out the DeLoreanCarShow page as well, Ken promised some video of this event there. 

Dave Swingle

The great outdoors - inside McCormick place. Looks like Godmudders invaded the YMCA Christmas Tree lot.


Waaaay up there - gotta get me some longer door pull straps. 


This is Eric's car, probably one of the lowest ones around just to provide some contrast. Sorry I couldn't get a better picture, it was very crowded around the exhibit. 


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