Evansville Autofest 2002

Organized by Marty Maier and the Mid-States DeLorean Club

The Comfort Inn Evansville East starting point - Home of our host Bob Dunn.


The gang in the parking lot.....

The DeLorean Lineup on the Evansville Riverfront. All 14 of them!! Note Micah's red interior.

Ron's Screaming Yellow D... 



Hmm - Where did Ron find those cool scoops? 


Dennis Gage of "My Classic Car" uses the DMC Lineup as a background to close the show. Look for it on TV in about 6 months.

Dennis again, attampting to light up the D-Rex. Once he figured out the secret combination - 


The obligatory "on the road again" picture. Heading back to the show Sunday morning. DeLoreans as far as the eye can see. 


Marty Maier accepting the trophy from Dennis Gage for "Best Club Participation. Yep - we beat out the Starsky and Hutch Fords again! This trophy will probably end on on display at the Comfort Inn, Lloyd Expressway, Evansville East. 

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