DeLorean Motor Company  

Open House 2003

Welcome to DeLorean Motor Company in Humble TX. Stephen and the gang open up to show off the new place, hold a concours, and a day at the drag strip. Not much commentary here, just a few shots of the event. A big thanks to Stephen and the gang!

The new Showroom and shop

Harold McElraft giving some tech advice...

The repair bay

A few Left Front Fenders

Lots of Air conditioners

How about a new engine or transmission? 

Even a couple of underbodies

James giving a tour

ALL the engineering drawings for the car, safely tucked away

Ken Koncelik : "Vroom Vroom"
Judge to Ken ......"No Ken, you really have to start the engine!"

Bill Morgan showing how to put one back together

And then we're off to the drag strip - Houston International

Hey Dan - where did everybody go? 

Guess where we went after the drag strip..?

Why is James smiling?

The guys. Dave Swingle, Lynn Boast, Marty Maier, Cecil Longwisch, Ken Montgomery, Samuel Seay , James Espey, Bill Morgan, and Matt Metzinger, Mark Velky.  Lynn's car is back there somewhere......

Photo by Julee Swingle - Nice way to spend Mother's day, eh? 

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