Greetings from Graceland!

Updated 6/16/02 - I'll probably fill in some more in a couple of days once I sort through the pictures.

Be sure to check out the pictures at Ken's DeloreanCarShow site too. 



2nd weekend in May 2003 Humble TX - DeLorean Motor Company Houston Open House II


June 17-20 2004 Pigeon Forge TN - Ken Koncelic DeLorean Car Show

Also, don't forget about the DeLorean Show Mileage tracker - - Thanks to Hank Eskin - when the show is over you can see how much gasoline we wasted. 

I started thumb nailing the older ones in the interest of download time for repeat visitors. 

Dave Swingle

Day 1 Wednesday - Chicago to St. Louis

... to join up with the Marty Maier Caravan of about 20 DeLoreans from as far as Minneapolis and Colorado. Marty set us up at a local Holiday Inn Express and hosted a dinner nearby. 

Yep - we're in a hurry. Full tank of gas, oil pressure up, flux capacitor fluxing.




Dinner time in St. Louis (actually East Alton)


More pics, hopefully with people, tomorrow. We'll have a caravan of about 20 cars to Graceland in the morning. 

Day 2 Thursday - St. Louis to Memphis, Registration, PJ Grady Door Adjustment Session, Dinner, Elvis Airplane Tour


I'm always ready for a picture of a pretty girl, especially one with gullwing doors growing out of her head. So is Jake.



Stopping for lunch, the usual line-em-up. Pay careful attention to the license plate number of the white Bonneville in the foreground. Apparently Jake did not want any confusion.



Then weirdness sets in . From what I've seen, this will be the largest show of non-standard DeLoreans that's ever been seen. 


The obligatory rest-area repair, about 30 miles out. Todd, the car owner, goes through about 4 gallons of gas in 5 miles and the car behind him notices a problem. . . . Good thing we have radios and tools. 


Jim Reeve and Marty Maier attack the problem with screwdrivers, noting that you should not use window washer hose for fuel line (just kidding). 



And then the rains came. At the Heartbreak Hotel. . 


"We flew all the way from the UK for 12 hours to tour...... an airplane!"  


Not much else to see right now - due to the rain everything move inside rather quickly. Dinner was great, followed by Randall Brown of 3M (And the AZ DMC Club), Bob "Zilla", and Stephen Clark of  


Be sure to come back - there were a LOT of really special cars that I could not do justice to in the rain/dark. 


Day 3 Friday - Driving Tour of Memphis, Wandering Downtown, Trade Show, Rick Jeffrys Entertainment, Dinner, Speakers


It's pretty late so I'll make this quick


At the Memphis tourist center - Hi Y'all!



The Sun recording studio - birthplace of the Memphis sound.


Aaron Posey starting on the endless session of q-tipping. As I write this, at 2 am, he is STILL out in front of the hotel, q-tip  and toothbrush in hand. Please buy a Cadillac from him so he can afford a car to drive. . . . .


More wierdness.. . . but wait there's more.


The famous Curtis of Ohio and the even more modified car. Every year he finds more to chrome!



At the evening dinner Rob Grady's tech session. You can see a couple of cars in the background. This is at the Hollywood Casino in Tunica Miss. 



Hey Ken - take my picture...



Late in the day a new car no one had ever seen before showed up. The worlds first twin-engine DMC. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out who and how. . . . And you have not see the last of the Rich W projects either. 


Day 4 Saturday - Car Show, Group Photo, Graceland Tour. Dinner, Awards.


A couple of shots from the Heartbrake Hotel window. The show filled up TWO parking lots at Graceland commons. 



This is getting to be a big download - sorry. Starting out with the exotic stuff. 


Here is the rolling Stainless Frame by Pearce Design Components


Rich W's Convertible (so far). Still under construction. So far it's not a convertible as much as a roadster. 


And of  course the D-Rex


And now for something completely different - the Hover conversion.


Ron Wester got tired of the Concours scene and went in a different direction. 


If it don't go - Chrome it!


Nice seats! The yellow lines are actually DMC logos. 


Yes folks, a 350 Chevy WILL fit in a DeLorean. And twist the input shaft right off the transmission too. 


But it gets even stranger. Here's a DeLorean with TWO engines in it! 


The front is a Honda Prelude.......


And the rear is a 500 CI Cadillac (Eldorado). Of course, he lost everything behind the seat. Drivers under 5' tall need not apply. Hopefully the owner will tell us on the DML where he is going to put the radiators. 


The OTHER Cadillac conversion. American Custom Engine's Northstar


The Obligatory Back-to-the-Future car


Yep - Curtis was back with some new tail lights among other improvements. 


Here's the semi-official DMCNews car (hey - it's MY website!!)


"Florida" Daniel Deutsch's 500-mile car....


Matt Olans and the Elusive DMCJoe at right. Joe spend most of the time in the mobile home park behind Graceland fixing cars. 


Ed Ueting (sp) from Holland - Slotted Drilled rotor conversion


Now - time for the entertainment. Ryan Pelton was our entertainer. Sorry about the light pole but that's where we were. 


Ken Koncelic setting up the lights. 


Cici entertaining the crowd. 


The cars lined up in front of Graceland Pavilion for our Dinner. Funny thing - we grabbed 5 cars at random - turns out 3 were winners.


The dinner. Official count - 103 Cars! A new record.


Winners -Not enough room to show all the photos. 


100K and above - Dave Santos

75K - Travis Graham

50K - Bruce Benson

40K - Jim Reeve

35K - Darren Decker

30K -  Dave Swingle

20K  - Hank Eskin

10K - Gary Gore

Less than 10 K - Cheryl Wester


Frame-Off Restoration

Rich Weissensel - D-Rex



Curtis Bryant


Painted Modified

Ron Wester (Yellow Car)


Painted Unmodified

Bryan Pearce (Red Car)


Theme Car

Terry and Oliver Holler - - - Back-To-The-Future


People's Choice

Curtis Bryant


Unpainted Modified

Matt Olans


Custom Engine Conversion

Kyle Franklin  - 350 Chevy


Custom Sunstar Model

Tamir Ardon


Radical Model

Richard Federico


Youngest Owner - titled

Joe Palitinus (18)


Oldest Owner

Murray Fisher (81)


Shortest Ownership Time

Dennis Rodson (1 week)


Longest Ownership Time

Louise Kleba


Farthest Traveled - with car 

Thousand Oaks CA, 1900 Miles

Ryan Gould


Farthest Traveled - without car

Ed Uding - Netherlands


Best Journey Award

Josh Haldeman - accidents with TWO cars on the way. 


TLC Award (Construction in Process)

Twin-Engine DMC



John Z DeLorean Award (Katherine)

Rich Weissensel - D-Rex



Concours Awards - DeLorean Motor Company


First Place

Aaron Posey (Knoxville TN)


Second Place

Daniel Deutsch (Orlando, Florida)


Third Place

John Curry Columbus, Ohio



Undercarriage - Scott Mueller

Engine Compartment - Greg Linstad

Exterior - Mark Bourne

Luggage Compartment - Cecil Longwisch

Operating Controls - Mike Substelny

Interior - Marty Maier - Awarded "Chief Judge" status for Judging five of six categories in career

Scorer - Patty Substelny


Mid -Atlantic DeLorean ClubCharles Muffley Award for Engineering Excellence

- - - Presented By Gary Gore  

Rich Weissensel - D-Rex, Hovercraft, Convertible


Day 5 Sunday - Heading Home - sorry, I'm heading home in the AM. Hope someone else takes pictures. 

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