South Carolina Door Adjustment Festival

Or - let's go to Dave's Mother's house and play with cars. 

This is the second time for this - I visit my mom at her home in Upstate SC, and several DeLorean owners stop by for a visit and some adjustments. 

Back--Travis Goodwin, Gary Swingle, William Bowie (prospective D-owner), Bill Robertson, Louie Golden, Dave Swingle. In front - Bob Thomason. Bill had recently broken his shoulder so he worked on Louie's car single-handed. Bill drove in one of his numerous Lincolns as it was impossible to shift the DeLorean with his right arm un available.

Louie needed some engine adjustments and some A/C recharging. 


Starting on Bob's door adjustment. 


DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME...Travis demonstrates what to do when the roof cage has separated from the fiberglass. In this shot, the torsion bars are out, the T-Roof is off, William is bearing down on the extension bars, and Dave is drilling the cage for the sheet-metal screws to hold the roof back down. 


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