Illinois Tech Fest and

DeLorean Midwest Connection Club Tech Day

After the DMC Houston Open House, we moved on to Chicago (Crystal Lake actually) for a week of getting greasy at Dave's garage and then on to the DMC-Midwest Club Tech session. 

Not the Sopranos, but Dick, Jim, Bruce, Dave, Marty, Dennis, Ron, Ken. Dangerous with Wrenches instead of guns.

Dave Swingle (host)

Marty Maier - Alton IL (suspension guru)

Ron Wester - St. Louis MO (ace reporter from Gullwing Magazine)

Dick Ryan - Steamboat CO

Kent VanMeter - Minneapolis MN

Bruce Benson - Minneapolis MN

Dennis Schlieckau- Minneapolis MN

Jim Reeve - Minneapolis MN

Joe Kuchan - Local

Rich Weissensel - Local

Bryan Pearce - Local

Yep - Eleven DeLoreans at one house. Neighbors were amused. Among the visitors were a stainless-frame DeLorean, a twin-turbo, a Buick GN powered car, and one with the DMC Houston hi-po engine. Interestingly, NONE of the cars were automatics. Gearheads all, I guess. 

We worked here Tuesday thru Friday, and then held the DeLorean Midwest Connection club tech session on Saturday. During the week, here's what we did:

Tuesday - 

Joe - Suspension swap, replace shifter cable

Rich - Take apart front suspenson, finish engine wiring (Buick GN car)

Bruce - Front suspension swap, Toby Bolts.




Rich - Front suspension reassemble

Dennis - Full suspension swap, Toby Bolts, SS Brake Lines, 

repair T-Panel torsion bar mounts, top door seals, clutch master cylinder, Fuel pump

Dick - Toby bolts and bushings, repair negative battery cable



Visited John Rahn and saw his just-completed Rotorway Helicopter

Kent - Check Brakes, diagnos bad master cylinder

Jim - Remove Axles and trans linkage

Ron - Toby Bolts and bushings


Ron trying out some alternate wheels on "Yellow"


Jim - Remove/Replace trans, replace clutch, open trans, clean and inspect, replace seals, reinforce rollpin,  bleed brakes and clutch. Replace bent Toby Bolt.

Bruce - install front spring pads

Kent - replace brake master

Bryan - replace alternator, oil sender, windshield trim.

The transmission operating room. Dave's purple surgical gloves. 


Marty cleaning things up


Jim Reeve putting the clutch in.


Back in the car...



An assortment of colors.




Saturday we moved on to the Midwest Club tech session at Neuqua Valley High School:

The scene:


Obligatory Door Adjustment for Patrick


"It goes right about here.......

Hey Mark - where did that oil filter go?

Ken K working on the <200-mile car - time for some window motors.

Hey - it started!! (First time in 10 years or so).

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