Care & Feeding - Insuring a DeLorean

There are several sources of insurance available for the DeLorean. Many insurance problems arise from the insurance agents not being sufficiently informed to enable them to write a policy.

Some of the early development work on the car was actually funded by the Allstate insurance company as a safety vehicle, and although the car lacks some of the safety features which are being so heavily marketed today (like airbags), the vehicle itself seems to have a very good safety record. Some thought has been put into the safety aspects of the car which includes engineered crumple zones to absorb impact energy.

I currently have my daily-driver DeLorean insured through State Farm along with my other vehicles and policies. My policy with them might include information you may find helpful in approaching an agent which may be unfamiliar with the car. My current insurance rate with State Farm is about $350 every 6 months (which is less than what I pay for my 95 Jeep Cherokee). Another source of insurance for DeLoreans that may not see daily use is collector car insurance available from several outfits including Hagerty Classic Auto Insurance.