Historic Information - Model 83 Origins

There are four sets of serial numbers for cars manufactured in late 1982 (model 83) and each seems to have a different background. All the DeLoreans produced were manufactured by DMC personnel at the factory in Dunmurray. The chronology includes additional research findings.

The series starting with serial number 15000 were manufactured by DeLorean Motor Company, LTD after the plant had apparently been on a production hiatus for several months. These cars are essentially the same as the 82 models but are slightly different than the 81s (primarily minor engineering updates).

The series starting with serial number 16000 were assembled in the same month as the 15000 series and it is unclear what distinguishes the series. Many of these cars were handled by KAPAC (then known as Consolidated) through a buy-back program DMC had with them. KAPAC eventually bought the remaining inventories from the bankrupt DMC and up until recently was still selling parts (the inventory was recently sold to DeLorean Motor Company in Houston. DMC in Houston is not the same company as the original DeLorean Motor Company and specialises in DeLorean parts and services).

The series starting with number 17000 were assembled during the same era and conditions as the 16000 series except they were specifically tailored for the non-US market and lacked some of the required US emissions equipment.

The series starting with number 20000 were assembled by DMC management after the plant was closed. These cars were partly assembled on the assembly line and the line managers completed these cars before final plant closure. The first of these cars (being near the end of the assembly line) reportedly have good workmanship, but the later cars (requiring more assembly work) supposedly suffer from lower quality. There does not seem to be a stigma associated with owning a car with late serial number, in fact, the model 83 cars usually demand a slight price premium.