Historic Information - John Z. DeLorean Aftermath

John DeLorean was arrested for conspiracy of money laundering involving dirty money supposedly in an effort to keep his car company afloat in an elaborate government sting operation. Aside from 10 days spent raising sufficient bail, he never went to jail as he was aquitted of all charges due to entrapment.

John recently apeared in the news again -- apparently he is having financial problems and his Bedminster, New Jersey estate has been forclosed. After several high profile marriages (and subsequent divorces) he is currently a bachelor in his early 70s. He purportedly attempted to restart his failed car company a few times, but without any success.

Neither the cars, nor the company, nor the man had anything to do with the movement of drugs. The drugs in the cars bit is total folklore. The charges resulting from the sting operation were related to conspiracy of money laundering and not of actual drug trafficking, smuggling, using, or otherwise. Although John was arrested with drugs in the hotel room where he was meeting undercover agents (there is an infamous video documenting the arrest), John had nothing to do with the transportation of the substance. In a strange twist, it appears that John was not even using his own money to do the supposed laundering, but monies put up for him by the DEA as part of the sting operation. There are several books devoted to the topic, of which Johns biography details his side of the story.