Historic Information - Original Selling Price

The original sale price varied quite a bit initially as the laws of supply and demand took hold. The cars had a suggested retail price of $25000 ($25650 with automatic transmission). The following is a paraphrase of a note I received from Jim Rose of one of the larger DeLorean dealerships. I am currently researching more in this area and more details will be included here as I get a better picture of the market dynamics based on hard evidence.

We had a waiting list of customers, committed with a deposit, that would pay over list price for these cars. The factory would tell us where inventory was not moving and dealers would sell to us based on the DeLorean "earn and turn" inventory allocation system. We were never able to buy one below cost from anyone. I think I bought more inventory from dealers than anyone in the country and sent letters to all 350 of them offering $1000 over cost to sell us their cars. Several of them sold me all of the parts they had left after the drug deal for fifty cents on the dollar and cars were available for less than invoice then also. This was only because there were no warranties on the cars the dealer body owned and Consolidated was selling the cars for less because they bought them through the courts far back of dealer cost.