Historic Information - DeLorean Production Numbers

There were a total of about 9,200 DeLoreans manufactured spanning three model years and two calendar years (for research results see the chronology). All the model years are identical with exception of minor engineering and cosmetic updates. None were factory painted. If you have hard information on DeLorean production numbers, please contact me. Current best estimates based on the DeLorean Mailing List survey is as follows:

81 6640 cars total marketed
Several hundred "black cars" (they did not have the costly stainless panels therefore rendering them black fiberglass only) produced to train the workforce. These cars were not marketed.
VIN 500 First car manufactured
VIN 560-7199 Production cars for which DMC recognized warranty service claims [DMC SC-06-7/82].
VIN 4300-4301
Gold plated AmEx cars on display in National Auto Museum and Snyder Bank
82 Approx 1280 cars total
VIN 10001-110xx Manufactured in late 81. Exact numbers uncertain, but over 1127 cars in series.
VIN 110xx-
Manufactured in early 82. Exact numbers uncertain.
83 Approx 1250 cars total
VIN 15000-
VIN 16000- Primarily handled by KAPAC (Consolidated) as middleman
VIN 17000- Approximately 100 cars produced for Canadian market (SSI)
VIN 20000-20104 Cars assembled by plant managers after plant closed. Last car prduced 12/24/82 (SSI).
VIN 20105 Gold plated, last car manufactured. Raffled off by subsidiary of Consolidated (now KAPAC).