DeLorean Production Chronology

Updated 6/26/2005

The DeLorean production chronology is the result of a survey conducted by the DeLorean Mailing List over many years. The VIN list is used to reassemble some of the production history of the cars.

This release of the chronology includes data from the DeLorean Owners Directory (DOD) meticulously assembled by DMLer Ken Montgomery, VIN sightings entered into the registry using the online form at, as well as various DMC records. Several obviously incorrect entries were removed, although other inaccuracies in the data exists and in many cases conflicting entries were discovered. For conflicting entries, an educated guess was made on which entry might be the most accurate. The sources and dates for updates are now being carefully tracked, so submitted corrections should persist.

The chronology represents over 4400 vehicles. Although this is a significant fraction of the total production, the nature of the data is such that previous statistical methods for analyzing the data can no longer be applied.

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