The DeLorean Parts Reference Database software is provided free of charge courtesy of Knut Grimsrud of the DeLorean Club of Oregon as a service to DeLorean owners and support personnel. The program contains a complete copy of the DeLorean Parts Catalog along with a searchable parts database and plug-in ability for cross reference lists. The readme.txt and license.txt files included with the software provide further information. Be advised that since the prrogram uses data scanned from a printed source, some minor errors in the parts list may exist due to the limited accuracy of the OCR engine used. Corrections to the list will be made over the next period before a followon release of the software.

To use the software, right-click on each filename to download the ZIP archives and unzip each archive onto a separate floppy disk. Insert the first floppy disk and run SETUP from it. Follow the installation instructions.

Copyright (C) 1995 - 1999 Knut Grimsrud, All Rights Reserved