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Here's a spot for Subscribers of DMCNews - The DeLorean Mailing List to show off a little. Here are the suggested rules, but there really aren't any except for the limits of good taste and my discretion. 
----- The picture should show you AND your DeLorean. If you're shy put a bag over your head.
----- PLEASE do not sent me  huge 1 meg picture files. Be gentle. Use your Photoshop or MS Photo Editor or scanner software to reduce it. I can handle just about any format, i.e. jpeg, gif, etc, does not matter. I'm reducing them to very small file size so don't waste the bandwidth.

----- Include a few words if you'd like - about the photo, you, or your car. Your name or email handle should be there. Email is nice in case anyone wants to ask you questions about unique features of your car. Web links are nice too. Let me know if you want to be completely anonymous, i.e. no email shown.

---- To save me a bunch of time, if you have Photoshop, here's how to save the picture - Image Size 4" wide, 72 pixels per in, picture quality "low". Photos will come out the size shown, and be about 15k file size.. 


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Created 12/18/99


Last updated: 1/13/05


Hi.  I just got back from a tour in Iraq, and the first thing I bought when I got here was my dream car.  This is me and VIN# 2423.  She is a July of 1981 automatic with black interior.  The other people  pictured are my friends, Matt and Bill.  All 3 cars are our little projects.  Bill with his '79 Chevy Malibu (the grill was being painted at the time of the picture), Matt with his '84 GMC Cabellero, and me, with my '81 DMC.

Corey Ooms



I had to move this one up so you can see the whole progression. Note the date on Louie #1


Louie #1 - This is myself and #10115 the day I brought her home (it has gone through much cleaning since then). It is a December '81 build with gray interior, 5-speed, and a few extra goodies like a digital dash and cruise control by Dakota Digital, CD/MP3 player by Sony, and perhaps my least fav feature... air horns, LOL. I wanna send out a special thanks to my parents for finally caving in, haha! You guys are the best :-) -Louie Golden




Louie #2 - Another one bites the dust. This is what happens when a drunk piloting an '81 Cadillac collides with a DeLorean while traveling at high velocities. The car was impacted so hard that BOTH doors were jammed shut. The extent of the cars damage is far more severe than pictures show. Despite this, the rear fascia (which I borrowed from Bill Robertson the day before when we replaced the water pump!) was found completely intact, albeit some 50 feet away from the car. It was sheared off clean! Despite all of this, I walked away from the accident with only glass cuts.

If anyone has any questions on dealing with insurance companies after losing their DeLoreans, contact me at Louie(AT) I'm now fully versed in the procedure, and how to get the replacement cost you want. As for VIN 10115, she was bought by another DeLorean owner to be a guinea pig for fitting a Corvette LS1 V8 in a DeLorean. As for me, I'm already back in the saddle...see next picture

Louie Golden Charlotte, NC


Louie #3 - The Replacement

DeLorean #2. Pictured is myself and VIN 5252, replacement for my first DeLorean... VIN 10115. Just like her predecessor, #5252 is a grey interior 5-speed daily-driver. The difference between the two is I've put more miles on #5252 in 2 months than I did in the nearly 2 years I owned my first DeLo. It's good to be back in the saddle! 

Louie Golden Charlotte, NC

Somewhere on the road to Whistler ...
Scott & Carrie Evenson
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada


Thought you'd like this one - we laughed hard after taking it.

This was taken on the banked portion of the historic Brooklands Race
Track in South-West London. The Car is mine, the dodgy bloke is my
friend and business partner, Dave Woodyard. His car was further down the
bank and not on quite such a gradient! (his doors were able to open
fully, unlike mine!)

Martin Gutkowski



Here is a picture of my beautiful pregnant wife (5 months pregnant), myself, and of cource VIN 04512.  Visit

Erik Geerdink



hey...this is my 1981 DMC-12 Vin: 2926. I am in the middle of restoring it, but its starting to come around. I came in 3rd place in the Custom Compact Car Jam 2001. The wheels are 18" TSW REVOS in the back and 17" in the \ front. Its hard to tell but I have power seats out of a 95' Infinity in there as well.
Thanks. TROY



From the Mueller Archives. First photo
Scott Mueller, 002981 in San Luis Obispo
Scott Mueller

Here is a picture of me and my D. I am Casey Putsch, my D is a December of 1981 car with 32,000 miles and is a 5 speed with grey interior. We are both 20 years old and in perfect running order :) .
Sincerely, Casey Putsch

submitted 01.21.02

This is a picture of my father and I with our two Deloreans.  VIN 17167 (my daily driver) is behind us and 6808 is to the right.We were just taking them out for a Sunday drive.  I have jspec wheels and a custom cd-changer in my car, while the other one is completely stock.
Joseph and Joe Palatinus  Father and Son


Here I am with my 1983 Delorean at the Motorama Car Show in Harrisburg, PA in February 2002.  It was the only one at the show and drew lots of attention.  This was the first event that I took the car to since I bought it in November.  It is a Sept.1982 build, Canadian Specs., automatic trans., black interior and grey carpet. 

Brent Lundgren


This is Sean Spurlock and his friend Brock Eson with their respective cars: a 1987 Fiero GT and a 1981 DeLorean, VIN 7003. Both cars were Sean's at one time, but alas, he was forced to sell them both! At least my friend Brock bought the Fiero. (He still lets me drive it occasionally!) I envy all of you current owners! Take care! Sean
submitted 4.23.02

Hey guys,
This is my 1981 DeLorean, built September 15th 1981 according to factory doodles found underneath my headliners, VIN #3810, with black leather and 5 speed. It is parked here outside the Rosecliff Mansion, in Newport, Rhode Island, location of some famous movies like the Great Gatsby and True Lies. I took a few different photos, but when I sat in and started up the engine I gave all the onlookers a surprise - they thought the car was on display for everybody to take photos!!

John Dore, Boston, MA.


This picture is of my dad, Pete, and of myself, John, and our October 1981 DeLorean, VIN 4275. We bought it a month after the DeLorean Car Show in Cleveland, (thanks Ken) and it fell right into our hands. The DMC has 16,400 miles, and is a 5-speed with gray interior. Everything is original, including the Goodyear NCTs. 
Pete and John Feldman

submitted 5.12.02

This is a picture of me sitting in the completed frame of the twin-engine
DMC-12.  The frame had just been painted the day before, so I rolled it out
for photos.  Luckily, I had one with me in the picture to comply with the
suggested rule that the picture show the car and the owner.  Hopefully it's
suitable to put on your site.

submitted 6.19.02 posted 8.16.03

My other car is a locomotive? #5939 one week after the maiden voyage of the
SS (Satinless Steel) Titanic. Purchased in Philadelphia, questioned by
family and friends in Washington DC, the vehicle performed flawlessly to
North Carolina and subsequently into the depths of South Carolina for a
tech session. 2000 miles in 21 days -- not bad. She's an October '81 build,
re-engined with a Volvo PRV, and in desperate need of TLC (how are those
headliners treating you?). Watch the list for ongoing progress. 
Bill Robertson
Laurinburg NC
submitted 8.14.02 posted 8.16.

Eric Weber/Marni Patrick


AZ-D member Charlie and DMCH Mr. Wynne with a DMC frame in a Carcoon




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