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The Archives 2. This is where pics more than a couple months old go. May take a while to download. 

Kevin Miller from Alaska

Here is a picture of me and my dog Cheyenne. This park is near my house and it has Anchorage in the background. My car is vin 4556, grey interior and has the grey stripe.


Ken Koncelic, organizer of the DeLorean Car Show 2000 in Cleveland, here with his DeLorean AND the real DeLorean recently in Cleveland. 


David and Josh Haldeman acting suave with their DeLoreans.  David's is VIN 15964 which is an August of 1982 build.  Josh's is VIN 5102 manufactured in October of 1981.  The setting for this photo is the  Vineyard Golf Course in Cincinnati, Ohio...Nice place to hit a round or two!
Visit Josh's Website at:


Submitted by Rick Haslewood -  
Photo was taken right before my Year 12 Formal (or "Prom" as the Americans call it) in December 1999. As a guy who doesn't care much for modern fashion, I chose to wear my white "Don Johnson" suit :-) My "date" is a 1982 RHD DeLorean (5 spd, grey interior). My dad, Lance, is the real owner of the car, but I love it just as much

-Rick Haslewood,
VIN 10599



Submitted by Felix S -  I was approved for my Delorean loan in two days, with no co-signer, all by myself with no parental support.  I said to myself that it wouldn't hurt to try and it worked, but the funny thing about it was...that I had never had a job in my life.  I "leaped" before I "looked" but it was worth it. I had one month to find a job before the first payment, and now I am happily slaving to pay it off.  By the way don't ask me how  I pulled it off, it might get you (or me) in trouble.. heh heh ;)
More pictures at   email to: melvnhel(AT)



He finally removed the bag. . . Submitted by Mike Babb  Here is a "More serious" picture of myself and my DeLorean, along with my dad (He is the one sitting in the car. . .I'm not that old yet) at the 1997 British Car Days auto show in Richmond Virginia.  This was the first show I had entered my new DeLorean into and I am happy to say I came out if it with 2nd place against 13 other DeLoreans.

Michael Babb
DMC VIN 3472


Submitted by Jack and Virginia Steifel


Here is a picture of me and my "D" in front of my parents house in northern New York.  It is Vin 3461, August 81 build.  We have made very few modifications including a 180 mph speedometer, Stainless Steel lettering, and new radio.  More pictures can be found at



Submitted by Sean Howley, Man of few Words.

Black Interior

5 Speed

Maryville, TN


Submitted by Bruce Battles.   His comments: My boys (Ethan and Wesley) with one of my toys (Vin. # 6569, on left). The other car is now living in OH. I call this "twin sons different mothers" or "What I wanted for Xmas!"        

Submitted by Eric Geerdink.   His comments:  Here's me and VIN # 4512..(the seats are redone now :)  My new homepage address is


Submitted by Robert Lamrock.   His comments: Please find attached picture of me and Miss Northern Ireland taken on the apron at Belfast International airport.  Very best wishes, and seasons greetings, Robert Lamrock 

Submitted by Bruce Barron.  of  Summit MS

VIN 005218

Here's an example of Exactly what I have in mind:

Here's vin 3541 .....and me!  -email Donald Kazmark


1981     Owner-- Lloyd Miles,  Medford Or.
Lloyd's comments: "5 speed   Grey interior, 55 K miles   Great car, LOVE IT"

 No sign of Lloyd, though.


"Dr" Bob Brandys' DeLorean Time Machine alias "The 1997 DeLorean TM". Kind of hard to see in this photo but see if you can notice the full roll-up side windows. You can't tell it except for the big mufflers in the photo, but the engine is a Rover V8. 


Scott Cagle  #16738


Tamir Ardon  This is my 1982 Delorean.  If you have any questions, please email me at ardont(AT), or stop by my site at


It was taken at Jones Beach NY at sun set. BTW my wife Lori Ann always wanted a vanity plate with her name on it and I always wanted a Delorean so we compromised (who do you think got the better of that deal?).
Michael DeLuca
Vin 3113


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