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The Archives 3. This is where pics more than a couple months old go. May take a while to download. 


Submitted by Matt Kohler

I attached a photo of myself and my dad's great condition '82 Automatic vin 10242 that I drive (not to school, though!)  I have always wanted a DeLorean ever since I was little, and now I have one.  One day (in the near future) I hope to pay it all off and make it my own.  Thanks Dad.

-Matt K.



Submitted by Mads De Bruin

My name is Mads de Bruin, I'm 32 years old and I live in a town called Rotterdam which is in the Netherlands. This June I finally bought a DeLorean and I'm very proud of it so I wanted to submit this picture.

Greetings from the Netherlands!
Mads de Bruin



Submitted by Justin Scott
List Member since 1996

This is me sitting in my DeLorean outside of the original DeLorean headquarters at 100 West Long Lake BLVD in Bloomfield Hills, MI. It was in the very building behind me that the dream first began to become reality. In fact, there is an entire chapter in "Grand DeLusions" titeled 100 West Long Lake! 


My DeLorean, VIN 05172 is an October 81 build, with 35,000 miles on the clock.



This is me and #11434 (Jan 82) More pics at


Mike Cutting


Delorean Dream Garage/One Man Car Show

A new addition to my Delorean family was acquired yesterday, June 10, 2000.  Yes, this makes it three Deloreans.  I hope to have all the glitches worked out within the next four days to take it to Cleveland. Thought I would take a few quick pictures before starting work on the new acquisition.

Rich Weissensel
Northeast Illinois

VIN 03552  (nearly 11 years)
VIN 06683  (nearly 11 weeks)
VIN 10842  (nearly 11 hours)


Here's another one from the man-o-few-words department:


This is Vin #1113 April build, manual trans with black interior. Sitting next to my D are the Flyers.


Mike Atkinson

Mike's nowhere to be seen, but here's his car and his neighbor's front yard. . . . :

Our 83 DeLorean, August 82 build.  Vin 16232.  My wife and I actually had a car load of teenagers follow us one day with a video camera.  Too funny.  Thanks James for your help after we bought it."



Even Older ones HERE


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