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The Archives 4. This is where pics more than a couple months old go. May take a while to download. 

Our first update!! Submitted by originally by DML'er DanRC30 at his first car show.   "I was told by the previous owner that it came that way from the dealer. The colors bear those of a famous race car driver. I think his name was Smokey Yunick."

And now the update! Here's the car today, after Dan has spent a few hundred hours removing that early 80's paint theme. "This is what my car looks like now after I stripped the (black and gold) paint off it, and fully ground-down and re-flapwheeled the entire body. Of course I did the wheel and headlight modifications while I was restoring the car. :)



Here is a picture of John Rahn with his new DeLorean.  It was taken in the back yard out in the country between Sycamore, IL. and Burlington, IL.


John L. Rahn
RotorWay A.C.I.S Exec 162F




A photo of me and my father in my DeLorean. This photo was taken by a professional photographer while we were staying at the Warren House, and attending DeLorean Eurofest in Belfast. The Warren House is now a guesthouse, but was a part of the DMCL factory premises back in 1981-82. It is situated right next to the old test track! The background is the garden surrounding the Warren House


The second  photo shows Alan Hayward (Former Quality Superintendent DMCL), Stian Birkeland (Teacher)  and Mike Loasby (Former Director of Engineering DMCL) at the old test track in Dunmurry, Belfast 2001. In the background, my pristine DeLorean VIN # 06759, 5-speed manual transmission, grey interior with only 15,000 miles!


Best wishes :)

Stian Birkeland
Flekkefjord, Norway Web:



A bit about my DMC, it is a 1982 DEC-81 Build with all upgrades done except for the Aluminum cooling bottle.
I have added a Sony CD player with Stainless Steel face, a Kenwood 200 W amp and a MTX Bass tube. I also added a Whistler Talking Radar Detecter (It has saved me a few times LOL) Also a very nice Alarm with all the usual features including Keyless Entry.

With respects to the BACK TO THE FUTURE DMC I added a set of BFGOODRICH Radial T/A's with the white letters out to my DMC. I still plan on adding a Color GPS unit. I apologize I'm not in the photo but it is difficult to admire, snack and take a self portrait at the same time.

John 3:16




This is me obviously being proud of my biggest toy. I tried to make the pose as standard as possible so that this picture would blend in nicely with the others on this page. However, if you look closely you may notice that my DeLorean is just a little bit nicer than all the others shown here, which is logical because this one is mine and the other ones aren't.

Take care, Sacha Prins, #17115



The car is VIN# 16680, and it is owned by Kevin and Cheryl Abato from NJ The picture was taken at Colonial Park in East Millstone, NJ


Andy Lien here from Fargo, ND.  This is my DeLorean all cleaned up for the 43rd Annual Toppers Car Club Show in West Fargo, ND.  I won first place in the catagory 'Original Unrestored'.  Looks good, huh?
1982 DeLorean DMC-12 VIN#11596
Fargo, ND 58102

Submitted by JAN van de Wouw

And this is me in my DeLorean.
It's an October 1981, VIN# 05141, Grey Interior, Manual Transmission, no flap, but with the grooves in the trunk-lid and about 30k miles on it. I've dreamt of owning a DeLorean since I first saw one in a car-museum.
I was seven then, seventeen years later I finally achieved my goal: after 6 months of searching I found this one, exactly what I wanted and only minor technical flaws (RH-powerwindow, RH-doorlatches, sagging headliner, cracked binnacle), so I bought it Sept. 2000.

The car (which I nicknamed "DAGGER") is a joy to drive and to work on; like almost any DeLorean it still needs some work. I hope to enjoy the car for a long time.

JAN van de Wouw
Thinking Different...   Using a Mac...
Living the Dream...   Driving a DeLorean...




This page was starting to get too hard to download, so I split it up. 


The older pics are HERE

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