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The Archives 5. This is where pics more than a couple months old go. May take a while to download. 

Here is a picture of my new De Lorean VIN# 6683. My Wife Melissa and I just got it on February 28th. This is a November 81 5 speed with gray interior with only 51,000 on the clock. I would like to thank Rich W. for helping me "Live The Dream". Mark and Melissa Valuch




He didn't say anything but  "See you in Memphis" so I guess we will. From Maddog. 



"And Now for Something Completely Different"

Not for the purists - this may even antagonize a few folks but it IS part of the DMC "cult". This is a shot of the somewhat infamous "Texas Monster Truck" DeLorean that is now (January 1 2002) in Illinois. Rich Weissensel has decided to tackle this as his latest project. I'm not sure you can call it a "restoration" but the intent is to get it back into shape and running. At the moment is isn't either. The "restoration?" of this vehicle may even become a separate little web page if Rich sends in the pictures. 

This is Rich in the car at the Monster Truck shop where it is being brought back to life. It was about 18 deg F  when we took this so the door would not stay up.

The second picture added 2/9/02 is Rich with the car, just 5 weeks later, at the World of Wheels show in Chicago. He lifted it ANOTHER 12 inches, put on super Swamper tires, custom wheels, a bunch of new hardware. Amazing. See it at Memphis!

Rich may be reached at   rich(AT) Many more photos at 




Attached are the "pose" shots of me and my DeLorean (#1458 - 2353 miles, 5 speed May '81) and my good mate Rich and his DeLorean (#2727 - 34000 miles, Island twin Automatic, Aug '81) taken the day we picked them up in Southampton in October 2001. They were bought as a pair of project cars from the DMCNews For Sale page.

We are thoroughly enjoying bringing them back to life, and you can see photos and read the story at

Martin Gutkowski and Rich Johnstone



Osamu Shimohara of Milan Italy and Japan. Great location!!  


Osamu leads the DeLorean Club of Japan  " If you visit our web, you can see many photos of me & my DeLorean in here Italy and around Europe. We wrought comments in Japanese but also in English. So you can understand my story of DeLorean life in Europe at our web site."



Bryan Pearce





This page was starting to get too hard to download, so I split it up. 


The older pics are HERE

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