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Created 4/13/01

Last updated: 7/9/2006

DCS2006 Local Coverage (click to link)


Ed Uding's Grand opening in Amsterdam. Hope it's a family newspaper, I have no idea what it says.




Submitted by Gary Gore - DeLorean Mid Atlantic

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Submitted by James Espey


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From: "Robert Rooney" <dmcvegas(AT)


I've yet to find anything DeLorean related that doesn't have some sort of story to go along with it. And these pictures too are no
exception. :)

The employees' entrance to Caesar's Palace has a long hallway that leads down into the MANY hallways, corridors, and elevators that run throughout the casino. Going down this hall there are a series of bulletin boards with different articles, pictures, and famous signatures of people and events relating to the resort. One of these happened to be for a Grand Prix that Caesars sponsored during the 1980's. Among other things, an actual dealership advertisement from the local newspaper is placed inside one of these cases. The ad is real, and is an actual copy that was clipped from a real newspaper. In fact, on the close-up shot, you can even see where the ink from the ad on the reverse side had lightly bled through. Pre-bankruptcy ads for the DeLorean are rare from what I have personally seen myself. Offhand, I can only recall the US Open Tennis promo as the only other one.

ceasar1.jpg (140940 bytes)

ceasar2.jpg (139468 bytes)

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Another interesting fact is what happened after the company folded. Then head mechanic who was factory trained ended up opening his own shop. And his shop to this day still services most all the local DeLoreans in town. His shop is also the same one that does work on my car! The sales manager mentioned in the ad later opened his own classic car dealership ( How I discovered this was when I had my car insured, I needed to get it appraised. And he was the one recommended to me by my agent to have the appraisal done. The rest is history...

If you have any other questions about the pictures or anything else,
just let me know!

vin 6585 "X"

Submitted by Ryan McCaffrey

Submitted by Jim Reeve of Minneapolis


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