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Obviously I'm not keeping up well with the "monthly" part. Let's just consider it "Some Neat Pictures Related to DeLoreans That I Don't Own".

DO NOT send me pictures that you steal from other websites. This is not appreciated. 

Go ahead and submit to potm (AT) dmcnews.com, then sit back and wait a few months for me to post it. 

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Last updated 4/22/05

This was the site's memorial banner for the month after JZD's passing. Courtesy John Schultz of IL.

This is probably not one of our proudest moments, but it is part of the DMC lore now. This is the DeLorean project built on Discovery Channel's Monster Garage in late 2003. The infamous Hovercraft. Before and After the US Marines paid it a visit. 


A couple of notes from those responsible:

all the panels on the donor car were dented and/or repaired panels  had been swapped with several other donor cars, except the doors (Don and Dan, thanks for taking the time to do that the day before);

- no VINs were "lost" as a result of this build and the chopped up underbody, chassis, drive-train, etc. were returned to Don afterward  so in effect, no complete Deloreans were destroyed due to the build;

- the donor car windshield was already cracked before the build and  DMCH has plenty of other glass pieces, especially for rear quarters and as most of you already know, DMCH has lots and lots of doors;

- no rare Delorean parts were destroyed during the build, including the door torsion bars, etc.  (thanks again Don and staff).----Rich W

I picked up my car last year from Garden Grove and thought I'd hit some BTTF locations.

The first picture is of course Doc Brown's house.

The second picture is Loraine's house. George was looking through her window (the lone square one) from the tree on the right side of the photo.

The third picture is George's house, which can also be seen in the picture of Loraine's house. It's just two doors down (look for the SUV).

The fourth picture is Marty's house - about a 45 minute drive from the other houses.

delorean (at) framezero.com

I am a huge fan of your homepage and of the DMC, of course. Enclosed I send
you what probably is the realisation of the DMC 80. It is a co-prodction of a
German and an Austria company, MAN and Gräf & Stift, I think. However, these
buses are used for public transportation in Austria and are also build
there. They do not have conventional diesel engines but natural-gas-engines and
are low-floor buses. However, these are the old models, I also enclose a
picture of the new ones. They unfortunately to not look typical DeLorean style any
more. The old ones though have the typical DeLorean 4-headlight-design.

You can probably use that for your homepage.
Take care,

Olivier from Vienna (recently Boston) submitted 8.14.03
DMC-80 DMC-80

Current Version

I wasn't quite sure where to send this, so excuse me if you end up seeing
it twice.  This picture was taken at the Delorean-Bricklin West Coast
Celebration held in San Ramon, CA recently (Sept. 20-23)  I'm hoping that
the professional photographer got a shot that didn't clip a corner of the
Bricklin, but until that is available, this one turned out ok.  That's my
car, vin 16367, in the middle, flanked by a Bricklin and a Mercedes
gullwing. Dave Cox

Here is part of a DeLorean poster that I made a few years ago - Mike Babb

Darryl - Not sure what this was supposed to be, but. . . . .

After finding a place to recharge the D Rex's battery and hooking it up,
I knocked out power to the southern portion of Cook County.  The bad
news is the photo is a little dark, the good news is that the D Rex is
all charged up and ready for the Show.

Saw this '81 Delorean for sale with an interesting paint scheme.
Thought you might be interested in seeing a photo of the car.
It appears to be painted black on the bottom portion of the car only.
It's listed as a very low mileage, all original car, in Virginia. Rich W.

Watching your site i remembered i got a photo of a delorean too,the "back to the future" one!The kid in the photo is me several years ago and no,I SHOULD NOT have been THAT close to the delorean but,hey, i'm a fan!see u!

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